Mar 28, 2015

The Deadly Secret of Andreas Lubitz


As "normal" the copilot is described which tore into death the passengers of the German Wings flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. But how normal is normal?

rench prosecutor Brice Robin from Marseille announced a disaster after disaster, when he co-pilot of the German Wings Airbus said on Thursday: ". It was his desire to destroy this aircraft" Ulrich Wessel, the headmaster of the school in supporting the by the disaster 16 students and two teachers lost, said it was "much worse than we have much thought." German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "This is something going on every imagination beyond."

An accident, a storm, human error, all this would have been to take might somehow. But that just man, which after intense exercise the lives of hundreds of people was entrusted and had this confidence yet disappointed that so that man loses control of his own life and becomes a mass murderer - that seemed despite less similar incidents in the recent past to be unthinkable.

Human state of emergency
The question of why the unthinkable happened, why the plane crashed with 150 people on board, since then directed to Andreas Lubitz, a young man from the Rhineland-Palatinate Montabaur, 27 years old, who has always wanted to be a pilot, but initially only flight attendants was that the first floor of this lovely family home lived with his brother, who flew in September 2013 in the Lufthansa subsidiary German Wings and had finally completed 630 hours of flight time. Why would he kill himself while 149 people tear into death? Why he wanted to be not only suicides, but also a mass murderer? Why? Had they need to know?

The question can not be answered accurately even scientists and perhaps could not even answer us Andreas Lubitz even if he was still alive. For not only the question of why people at a certain time in a certain way take their own lives, are available for members and the public often no answer. Even science can not explain exactly what processes in the brain lead to suicidal thoughts today.

Although we have not experienced biochemical changes in the study of suicide victims in the brain, says Andreas Reif, Professor of Psychiatry at the Frankfurt University Hospital. These changes were not explained by a single cause. Even patients who have survived a suicide attempt, "can in hindsight, if they are healthy again, do not understand sometimes do not tell me what was going on in them." The feeling of suicidality is a human emergency, which alters the feel and think in principle.

surprising verdict: Court says Amanda Knox free


Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecitio have been surprisingly acquitted by the Supreme Court in Italy. They were accused of murdering Meredith Kercher, the British exchange student in 2007.

Seven and a half years after the murder of a British exchange student in Italy the American Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito have been finally acquitted. The Supreme Court in Rome tipped off on Friday evening a condemnation of both to long prison terms from previous instance.
So that judicial saga comes to murder in Perugia to a total of three processes and five sentences in Italy to a surprising end. The judge in Rome judged after hours of consultation, the two defendants had not committed the crime. The 27-year-old Knox got instead a sentence of three years for defamation, but she has already served. She had falsely accused the bar owner Patrick Lumumba after the fact. This was later relieved by a witness statement. "Amanda is happy, we will ask for compensation for detention," said Knox's lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova, who telephoned after the verdict with his client in the USA.

"I am immensely happy"

The Briton Meredith Kercher was found raped and murdered in early November 2007 in the Italian city of Perugia. Kerchers former roommate Knox and Sollecito had been advised from the beginning suspected and arrested quickly. Both had their fault but always denied. Knox, also called the "angel with eyes of ice" because of their appearance, followed the judgment of the Court of Cassation in Rome from their hometown of Seattle. Because since an acquittal from the year 2011, she is back in the United States.
The Italian Sollecito learned with his family in his native Apulia of the acquittal. "It's over. We weep for joy," his father Francesco said. Raffaele Sollecito himself declared: "I am immensely happy that same justice that sentenced me wrongly, has now given me back my dignity and my freedom."

Initially sentenced

The case had the Italian courts busy for years: In the first instance Knox and Sollecito were sentenced to long prison terms. After both were about four years in prison, they were acquitted. However, this acquittal overturned the Court of Cassation in 2013 and referred the case to an appeals court in Florence. This sentenced Knox to 28 years and six years in prison and Sollecito to 25 years, after which the defenders appealed for in front of the Court of Cassation.

Here's how Paul Walker was created digitally for "Furious 7"


It is a great achievement that the Furious 7 creators were able to continue and to complete the series of 7 of the film, even after the death of one of the most important characters.

Paul Walker final scenes in this film are reportedly doing well enough that you'd think they were filmed before his death.

Universal has refused to show the tricks that they used in order to 'bring to life' character Walkerit, transmits

But, say the company of Peter Jackson - WETA Digital - with its visual effects had a duty to complete work perfectly.

This type of method is also used in the past, using 2D composition. Visual effects studio The Mill in London, had helped create the actors in the movie Gladiator and Sopranos, as some key characters in these movies had changed the life.

Nowadays, there is a technology that is able to create totally original actors in 3D, as is similar to the advertising of Johnny Walker, which was introduced Bruce Lee.

It is known also that Caleb Walker helped in some parts of the film Furious 7, as a replacement of the body of his deceased brother, since they have the same physical dimensions and so Paul Walker to appear in the film as the original,

Otherwise, the film is expected to be an emotional conclusion, and people can not wait to see it. Furious 7 will appear in UK cinemas starting from 3 April.



Gradually tape Deadpool begins to take shape. After a few weeks ago Ryan Reynolds gave us a first and brief look to your outfit by a photograph of the costumes, today the actor has finally released the full outfit that used for the film.

The personal account of Twitter the actor went again into the means by which we can have a first approach to uniform chimichangas lover. In addition to the image next to this one can read the inscription " With great power, comes great irresponsibility ". Obviously this phrase way to imply that it is ready to play the character as a joke (or duty) to comic Spider-man .

The plot of the early ribbon humorous character will tell us Crossing former member of the special forces Wade Wilson , who was subjected to various experiments that endowed him with incredible healing powers. With the aim of trying to get revenge of the man who almost ended his life is that he decided use their new skills to become a mercenary who respond to the identity of Deadpool

Kate Beckinsale: 'If there were journalists live in a police state'


Kate Beckinsale: 'If there were journalists live in a police state'

Actress Kate Beckinsale portrays journalist Simone Ford in the movie 'The Face of an Angel', inspired by the true story of Amanda Knox, accused of murdering Meredith Kercher in Perugia (Italy) in 2007, a role has allowed her to learn to value the importance of the profession.

"It was strange for me to play the role of a journalist but I quickly realized how important it was for my character that people give him information. There is something obscene, it has only to do with the clothes you saw in court. If we had journalists live in a police state, "he said during an interview in The Guardian.

Kate believes that actors and journalists share some characteristics that differentiate them from the rest, as both are able to observe situations and emotionally rid of events, making people erroneously a negative impression of what they do is take.

"I think it's also true that journalists and actors share some qualities. It's like when you're having a very heated argument with your boyfriend and you end up breaking it. For an actor remains a distance from which you are observing what is happening and you think, 'This is how it looks and feels when you break up with someone' I think that journalists have the same ability to step back and see things from a different perspective and this just does not make a journalist.. **** as one gili, nor an actor, "he added.

Learn how to enable free calls on WhatsApp


Brian Action, creator of WhatsApp a year ago had announced that the application would have the option of free call and is finally available .

To enable these calls follow these simple steps:

1. Download the new version of WhatsApp or update it from Google Store.

2. It is necessary to receive the call for Whatsapp of a contact that already have this feature enabled so that you activate the interface and the option to call.

3. Once the call is received, the function will be available in the recipient's account , which in turn can make calls to go spreading the service.

4. Answer and wait a few seconds, then hangs up.

5. Close the application and when you open it again and have the new interface.

The sound quality is very good but experienced a delay in the arrival of audio, as the proper functioning of this tool telephony depends on a good internet connection .

For now only works on Android and Blackberry 10 will soon Diponible on iOS and Windows Phone.

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