Mar 31, 2015

Sruogliai beaver: a drug that can cure or kill


Attentive internet users attracted the attention of several online classifieds ads portal, which says that sold beaver sruogliai. This was said to - the ideal product for impotence, it is also stated that these materials may work better than any energy drink. Like it is, whether it - a miracle cure, and perhaps illegal product, which trade must obtain special permits?
From perfume to medicines
Beaver beaver sruoglius consists of male anal secretions. Substance secreted by a beaver, also called musk (Lat. Castorium). It has a century for food and perfumery industry. Food production, it is used very widely - from puddings, candy, gum and even ice cream.
Beaver glands are widely used in folk medicine. Of course, that beaver musk glands located on 300 drug formulations. Musk is one of the world's most famous fragrances. Tibetan medicine it is called the great smell, because there is a stronger scent, which is long. Musk from ancient times used as a disinfectant against various viruses, bacteria, fungi, as well as the toxins from the body cleansing tool that promotes metabolism, etc. It is also concerned that the beaver glands, which are musk, infusions enhance male potency.
Beavers prey same dealer
In one of the ads says that 100 g beaver sruoglių (glands) costs 70 euros (£ 242). This product helps to treat impotence, prostatitis, hypertension and many other ailments, gives energy to the body throughout the day much more than any other energy drinks.
It is also argued that the beaver sruogliai helps reduce blood sugar levels and cancer cells from multiplying in the body.
Beaver sruoglių offered not only in Vilnius, Kaunas and Vilkaviškis district. Kaunas beaver sruoglius offers advertisement author writes that the product - a medicine against 50 diseases: "It is a medicine against 50 diseases: lowers cholesterol, treat circulatory disorders, migraine, heart ailments, used to fight cancer, provides the body with the necessary materials, tones, heals prostate.

I sell them dried. People fill up their spirits or strong shaman, - said the author of the publication. - This is - how hard eggs, dried them, dressing, remains two weeks and can be used. "
For a few grams of dried gland, which is enough for one filling of alcohol, asked 15 euros.
"A lot of what they are buying is constantly client - lowers cholesterol, others from other diseases, who to face. On the other hand, can not tell what a person can help - a lot of who buys, uses, say, helps. Maybe the humor here. After all, treats and a rabbit, badger and fat ... So beaver gland ", - said the hunter, sells beaver sruoglius.
Man admitted that such a product can not give any warranty that will really help, he just hunt beavers and a recess glands do not where to put it and other offers to buy.
Prevalent among hunters
State Environmental Protection Wildlife Service monitoring the use of surveillance Division. Saul specialist Tuska assured that the individual permit to be able to use or sell the beaver glands - sruoglius - do not. This is not somehow separately regulated.
"This kind of thing (sruoglių use - Ed. Note.) Between hunters really common, I have heard that some lubricates them that neužuostų beast smell. Hunting rules really are not mentioned in the issuance of permits, "- said Mr Tusk. Labor law violations in this area with the inspectors who have lost face.
Pharmacist: When you start to drink one tablespoon, it scares me
Pharmacist, folk medicine expert Virgilijus Skirkevičius, asked about beaver glands of medicinal properties confirmed that the product they really have. However, as with most drugs must be used wisely.

Cristina ordered the National Bank treading 200 million to Mendoza


Paco Pérez's relationship with the Casa Rosada is absolutely cut. A proof of this has to do with what LPO forward this Sunday , with respect to an order of Cristina "drown" financially Mendoza to force the governor to resign his candidacy for national deputy in retaliation for having excluded Campora of lists.

The President did not support the Mendoza Peronism has colonnaded behind the presidential candidacy of Daniel Scioli and the same time close their lists integrating all sectors, except to La Campora asking almost everywhere. So, first threw the counselor and leader Juan Carlos Mendoza Mazzón, then made waive all camporistas provincial cabinet and now drowns the province.

On Monday, while Finance Minister Juan Gantus, said that "the transfer of remittances are coming smoothly," referring to the money from revenue sharing and other delivery mechanisms, the fact is that last week, according to a source the same portfolio, the National Bank said "no" to Mendoza when the provincial government asked permission to overdraw 200 million pesos to complete the total amount (about 1,000 million) to pay state salaries March.

The data becomes relevant given that Mendoza usually use the overdraft Nation, its financial agent, to temporarily cover the bumps that occur due to lower revenues and an operating red totaling 1,500 million pesos projected this year.

The Government intended to pay salaries on Friday, but could not because it had insufficient funds. The haste in making the deposit is explained by the strike on Tuesday, which has joined the Banking Association, and Easter holidays.

Finally, the Province could raise the necessary funds and announced that on Tuesday, despite the arrest, will be available the salaries of 100,000 public employees Mendoza.

He locked up the helicopter

This fact, plus the "no" of the National Bank to extend the overdraft buttons are shown the "punishment" is suffering Paco Perez to have ignored when putting together lists of the ruling.

That episode ended up fracturing the Front for Victory, will present at the Mendoza STEP three lists: the "official" with the support of Perez, vice Carlos Ciurca and blue led by Adolfo Bermeno senator; that of La Campora, the national deputy Guillermo Carmona as head, and the former minister and friend of Perez, Matthias Roby.

Gas in cylinders: Anses base is 2.5 million people


The director pointed Gas, José Maria Tomaselli, indicating that the new system will begin to apply on 1 April, the national government will subsidize families who have less less than 9,400 pesos a month--Incomes, taking the base Anses data, which also include those who perceive AUH (universal child), mother of 7 children, among others. "The funding will go directly to the accounts of these people.

While yesterday had clarified that attention is going to perform minimally with-dated shifts, poster surprised more than one who had come hoping be addressed today. "We on our own, there are people waiting since last night and this is a tremendous lack of respect," said a dad waiting to be served by a pension for her disabled son.

Another of those polled said they "do not have answers, we come at 12 pm to take turns and today tell us that they cut the system, this is unpresentable" they said.

He recalled that social carafe instead of 16 pesos may be purchased either by those who had low incomes and those who did not need the subsidy. "At the beginning of Carafe for a list of all low-income families, who later became shelved. It is also true that the porous border of Misiones, many social bottles were to neighboring countries, affecting the quota allocated to the Province ".

Now the bottle will cost 95-97 pesos to what must be added the costs for freight and must buy it at that price who are not on the basis of Anses. There may be people who are not in the database Anses, and then people must register. "It will have a time to settle, surely," said Tomaselli.

He said "this is being handled both Energies, like the Department of Energy and the Ministry of Economy But there is a 0800-666- Home;.. Ie 0800-666-46427 There may enroll families and when in doubt if they come or not to grant, were also recorded. "

The delay of the official dollar, according to the AFIP

Record in record, only the first three year AFIP currencies have sold for about US $ 1,400 million, despite never completely satisfy the demand of buyers. That already equivalent to 46% of all transactions authorized during 2014.

The number says a few things together. Among them, the most obvious is the strong growth in demand for green notes that, whatever way you look, escape it means to weight and deterioration that inflation will cause the value of the national currency and consequently, income people. Nothing the government recognizes.
Another, also admitted, is that the official dollar is cheap if not given compared to other prices in the economy, which exposes the notorious delay of exchange rate. And the following is a question: would not it have been better to give a more productive destination for US $ 4,350 million have been since January last year?
The 1,400 million in the first quarter equivalent to five months of imports of gas and fuel, according to the latest figures from INDEC. And they came, of course, the weakened central bank reserves.
In their eagerness to decompress the pressure on the blue, the Government has also created a very profitable for some cyclists mini bike: buy at the AFIP and trascartón sell on the parallel leaves today 44%. But none of the things that happen cure, because it is no longer possible to close the window without making a great exchange batifondo.
Obviously, the worse the consequences would be if everything were released with the current price of official dollar. This system speak some candidates when menthan the possibility of lifting the FX market; it is the media, but not the only, much less the most economically significant.
In the second category comes the strong restriction on the sale of foreign exchange for imports, most essential, hurry just by the narrowness Case Central Bank . So INDEC Axel Kicillof insists on denying it, the recession hits in the fall of purchases abroad, but it is impossible to understand the collapse of 25% in February and fifteen consecutive months without considerable weight down other FX market.
Kicillof has said that "if we make an issue (debt) is to provide a signal to the market in the management of expectations, rather than financial need". In their scheme be paying an interest rate of 7.5 to 8.5%.
For alternative shake out to take dollar debt, the minister rebuked the head of the Central Bank, Alejandro Vanoli. But the way he has done not only leaves open the door but also puts it in terms of "expectations", which is equivalent to admit nothing less than the possibility of exchange rate pressures. It does not seem the best signal to markets blessed.
And the interest rate at which exceeds Economics thinks up to three and a half points to a recent issue of Colombia. Much to the event that the latest verdicts of Judge Thomas Griesa have not closed that road.
Cepos of all colors, overvalued exchange rate and exchange rate gap, vertical drop in exports, investment and withdrawal of a tailwind that has been Front external landscape painting today that awaits the successor Cristina Kirchner. . Over the rest, of course
Gaston says Rossi, a consultancy LCG: "With few reserves and delayed type of change, will the new government to be unable to lift the stocks immediately. Only you can do with an overall plan articulated on several levels, where there is a price the official dollar that looks reasonable and sustainable, capable of discouraging purchases on the parallel market. "
In the meanwhile, Cristina continues screwing Kicillof as vice president in the official formula. And the evidence, according to some analysts, was that in the last string gave the floor, unusual for her.
But well analyzed the prize was not that tell great. The minister announced subsidies for the purchase of bottles for more than two million households: for if ignored, while the bottles are considered gas-poor and lack of gas network in the most backward layers is another example of how it was used during a thick silver was silver.

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