Jul 3, 2015

Richard Gere arrived in Karlovy Vary. Personally introduce the film Pretty Woman


American actor takes over the award at a film festival and give the new movie starring the homeless in New York.

Karlovy Vary - American actor Richard Gere , who at the opening ceremony of the 50th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary will receive the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema, arrived in the spa town this afternoon. He was greeted by festival president George Bartoška .

 Richard Gere was born in numerous Anglo-Irish family and childhood tended to music.  During his life he came to the attention of both film fans as well as supporters of an independent Tibet.
One of the first film was an opportunity to Richard Gere role of Billy the steel worker in a romantic frame Days of Heaven (1978).  Then replaced the originally selected John Travolta, who was busy with another film works.
True popularity, but it brought the drama to American Gigolo (1980), thanks to which later began to appear on the covers of American fashion magazines.
Equally successful was also shot Officer and a Gentleman (1982).  Even then, in the 80s, Gere is busily engaged in humanitarian work and traveled around the country in armed conflicts where, together with physician attended camps for military wounded and refugees.  (Pictured with actress Debra Winger.)
PHOTOGRAPHY Fateful role and life milestones actor Richard Gere
Gere along with actress Jena Malone and director Oren Movermanem on Friday after a ceremony presenting the film Time Out of Mind. It portrays the homeless in contemporary New York, whose only hope in a hopeless situation is long estranged daughter, he tries to find his way.

On Saturday before midnight Gere stated in Carlsbad Summer cinema projection legendary romantic comedy Pretty Woman , from whose creation this year passed twenty-five years. Working this evening will have a Hollywood actor on Sunday, when, together with director Andrew Renzim state image Franny.

Viewers who purchase tickets for this performance, will also be participants in the live tapings Plovárna Marek Eben , which will be held immediately before the screening.

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Eight people were injured in attacks on offices of Porvenir in Bogotá


Regulatory Center of Emergency Bogota confirmed that none of the injuries serious.

Bogota, Colombia (AP) .- Eight people were injured on Thursday after the explosion of two bombs in two different sites of Bogota, after which the authorities offered a reward of more than $ 38,000 to find those responsible.

The first blast occurred in a branch pension fund Porvenir located on the main banking area of ​​the Colombian capital, and left seven injured, he told reporters Mauricio Bustamante, Secretary of Health of the city.

The second explosion occurred at another venue of Porvenir, in the area of ​​Puente Aranda, west of Bogota, he said. There a wounded man who was taken to a medical center recorded.

Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas said at a press conference that the blasts were "motivated way, by people who were driving the explosive charge", and announced a reward of 100 million pesos ($ 38,111) for those delivered truthful information leading to the capture of the perpetrators.

From their point of view, the events of the day "intended to intimidate the citizens" and called them terrorists.

"But they are facts that should not generate in the population the sense of absence of the security forces", because it supports people in all parts of the capital, he said.

Investigations by the authorities are well advanced, he said, and hoped shortly to announce the capture of the perpetrators.

"My message is peace for the citizens", he added.

President Juan Manuel Santos would return at night to Peru, where he planned to participate in the panel of heads of state of the Pacific Alliance in the Business-Paracas Conference, the press office informed the Presidential Palace, the seat of government .

In this panel, the presidents of Chile and Mexico in solidarity with Colombia.

"Chile condemns attacks in Colombia and we express our solidarity," said Chilean President Michelle Bachelet during his speech at a hotel in Peruvian Paracas Bay, 250 kilometers south of Lima, where he arrived in the afternoon from Santiago.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto also offered his support to Santos.

"I would like to express our greatest solidarity with the people of Colombia, saying that Mexico deplores and condemns what happened and the violent events that have happened in Bogota today," he said.

A witness, Joseph Cipriano Lopez, 46, said the first explosion took him by surprise on the 9th floor of the building at 72, avenue called Republic of Chile. He said he was very frightened and said he "felt like an earthquake that shook the whole building."

Neither was high-powered devices, according to César Urueña, chief of the Colombian National Relief Red Cross.

For his part, Secretary of Government of the capital, Gloria Florez said that had known if Porvenir threats against the company, noting that soon there will be a security council in the Mayor of Bogota.

Florez asked the national government to strengthen its intelligence and security forces in Bogotá since, in his opinion, the capital of the Republic is exposed to such acts.

General Humberto Guatibonza, commander of the Metropolitan Police, said they are reviewing security camera located at the sites of the explosions. They are also listening versions of several witnesses.

In February and last March, a series of bombings rocked Bogota. At that time there were several injuries and investigations of the authorities pointed to the guerrilla National Liberation Army (ELN) and the possible responsible for the attacks on commercial and banking premises.

John Marulanda, a security expert attributed the attacks of the day militants guerrilla "in order to generate without causing much damage-discomfort and keep pushing the bilateral ceasefire", as requested by the ELN and the Forces Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

In a telephone interview with the AP, Marulanda said that the company is owned Porvenir Luis Carlos Sarmiento, considered the richest in the country and owner of El Tiempo newspaper man, the most important means of communication and influential Colombia.

But Martha Lucia Zamora, responsible for Bogota mayor, declined to accusations, as he said, "we should be very respectful of the investigations." So he did not speak or hypotheses or evidence about the two explosions in the afternoon.

Christian Sugiono So Villain in 'Transformers'


Christian Sugiono turn entrusted Harold Attinger figures through her ​​voice. Yes, today Tian, ​​so greeting, lined up to be dubber evil character in the movie ' Transformers: Age Of Extinction '. Tian was admitted to not going to waste the opportunity gained.

"Glad to follow so dubber. Usually dubber for myself and it was an easy yes, but this is for another person, in English anyway," said Christian Sugiono Ballroom during an interview at UOB, Central Jakarta, Thursday (02/07/2015).

Even though it looks simple, but the Christian recognizes the difficulty of being a dubber. He must adapt the script with the mouth movements of players. Moreover, there are factors that make the language of the husband Titi Kamal have much to learn.

"I think it is quite difficult, English into Indonesian is hard. I learned so many Indonesian, so we have to adjust to his lips as well," said Tian.

Besides Christian Sugiono, names like Augie Fantinus, Iwa K, Bayu Oktara, Ben Kasyafani, Ibn Jamil and Dimas Seto also involved into the voice. The film ' Transformers: Age Of Extinction 'will be aired again on July 17, 2015 on HBO.

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