Jul 9, 2014

10 Things We Know About New Harry Potter

New stories from the life of Harry Potter! It was the news fans have been waiting eagerly for years. And yet we have the info snacks that are new known about Harry, Ron and Hermione since yesterday, with caution. If it is in the short story that JK Rowling published on Tuesday on their side, "Pottermore," but 'only' a newspaper article in the "Daily Prophet". And that was just written by that notorious gossip reporter, from which we know that truthfulness is the very bottom of the list of their virtues reporter Rita Skeeter (English Skeeter). There is only one: a credibility check by a naturally completely independent body - us.

Assertion 1: Harry Potter is now wearing double stigma - thanks wife Ginny

Dangerous is the Aurorenleben, faria, faria ho. A nasty scar on the cheek seems only logical if you are involved in daily struggles against the dark arts. That now but Harry's wife Ginny to be responsible for the unfreiwiligen face jewelry, such as Rita Skeeter speculated, is about as credible as a one on the testimony of Ron Weasley. Not that with Harry as a husband could not argue famously - he could already be a real pain in the ass in the books. In a real marital quarrel Ginny had but certainly a lot more style to offer than her husband to impose a cheap curse.

(That nerd child Potter defends himself against every fashion trend and continue wearing his wire-rimmed glasses, however, is more than credible.)

Assertion 2: Ginny Potter got her reporter job at the Daily Prophet only by Connections

Rita Skeeter is jealous of the success of their colleague, the report on the Quidditch World Cup - for free! But here they could still be right. Needless to say, the name Potter opens the floodgates. The boy who survived enjoys, in the wizarding world since its birth celebrity status. Even if Ginny abginge any writing talent, the Daily Prophet would have set anyway. The boy, who survived wife, in his own team of reporters! A direct line into the private life of Voldemort-shredder! Since we do not need to look into the Muggle world of work to be addressed in order to present us the glowing eyes in the executive suite. But hey, so the business runs halt ...

Assertion 3: Hermione Granger is a bigwig in the Ministry of Magic

That a bad hairstyle and political career are not mutually exclusive, already proved Angela Merkel. A flash of lightning career clever Hermione Granger is what we know at all about the young lady who was more than expected. With "Femme Fatale" is likely Skeeter but rather alter ego Hermione Emma Watson have meant that not only breaks with a mix of cleverness and sex appeal the hearts of movie fans.

Assertion 4: Ron Weasley has thrown down as an Auror and works in the joke shop of his brother

Very, very believable. Let's be honest: Can you imagine Ron Weasley as brave, wand wielding fighter when Harry and Hermione are not going to save him at the right time the ass (or kick him in the selfsame)? Weasley may have had his moments of bravery, but the shell of the businessman as a joke item is the old cowards better. And that Ron slowly got fed up of standing in the shadow of the great Harry Potter, already in the last book came out more than clear. No, the friendship Potter Weasley is only observed if both go separate (professional) way.

Assertion 5: Neville Longbottom is married to Hannah Abbott and fall into the fire whiskey

A sorrow shared is a problem halved, knows the saying goes. The fact that Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott, who lost to the Death Eaters both parents know each other and learned to love, we are to believe Skeeter happy. Finally, already has mentioned in several interviews JK Rowling that she sees the two as a couple. Skeeter's claim that the two were addicted to the fire whiskey, on the other hand remains pure speculation. That Neville now teaches Herbology at Hogwarts, but speaks rather for than against. Hogwarts HR department has always had a knack for problem children.

Assertion 6: Harry Potter cares too little about his godson

Completely implausible. Harry Potter is the duty in person - and after the death of Tonks and Remus Lupin, he is likely to have too much rather than too little to his godson Teddy. But perhaps Potter reminds yes also how (and to us readers) has then added his adolescence itself - and therefore leaves the reins a little looser.

Assertion 7: Luna Lovegood is ... just stayed Luna Lovegood

Yes, we are pleased to hear that the adorable-crazed classmate of Harry has apparently preserved even as adults their sense of Quirky's. A cape sewn from the flags of all 16 nations at the Quidditch World Cup also fits in perfectly to her - and a marriage to the grandson of Newt Scamander also.

Statement 8: Fleur and Bill Weasley are still Un-married

No, that Fleur and Bill Weasley are always together after 15 years relationship, just do not want in my head. Not because I think Fleur would leave her lover because of his disfigurement. But someone has to leave but differ in this fabulous all-was-well-World. Already statistically.

Assertion 9: The remaining Weasley brothers do - nothing special

15 years have passed, and in the life of George, Charlie, and Percy has absolutely nothing done? One continues to lead his joke shop, the other prefers to live with dragons as with women and Percy and remains a ministry Greenhouse? Sounds kind of the fate of secondary characters ... and after life. And so, unfortunately, quite believable, even if we would rather read of new and exciting adventures.

Statement 10: Harry's godson, Teddy snogging with Bill Weasley's daughter Victoire

The two are teenagers. You love the blonde, he of the wild rebel. Of course, they smooch.
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