Jul 7, 2014

"Do not Cry, Roger!" it was an outstanding final "Wimbledon"

Vladislav Voronin

Last year turned out for Federer so grim that it seemed a little bit more, and we will lose the great era of Roger. His hard-pushed to the "Wimbledon" and US Open on stages where he used to elegantly and gracefully passed forward.His game has been so slim and confident. Stable leader feverish, he often rested on the back of a young and cocky and no longer seemed a demigod. Roger finally ceased to be a mythical personage, because the ideal resistance evaporated, and he himself began mercilessly devouring monster time. Nothing lasts forever, Federer, too, began to fail.

But Roger of those who will die and if, then only dignified and beautiful. At age 32, he found the strength to change and otpahat new coaching team for about six months, finally came to his senses. Just listen to the words Federer before the final: "My game is back to the level that I wanted to see a year ago. Last year everything was hard and I'm glad I was able to return in good shape. The new team has done everything possible so that I would get up every morning motivated and ready. "
This magnificent finale "Wimbledon" was not so much about how to Roger confidence returned, woke former precision strikes and earned a killer serve. This final - point in the beautiful story of how you can overcome your body in 32 years under high loads and again gave the game Glow passion. When was the last time you saw such salvation - an ace on match points Rival? When seen such a pure mind game, so soft strokes on the line that make even Djokovic shaking his head? When seen such vigorous comeback maintaining maximum concentration and accuracy, as in the fourth installment (2:5 - 7:5)?
Will call these silly 4:00 Federer return that same - it was another Roger, more mature, more thoughtful and more accurate. But the thing and not the point: the ending of "Wimbledon" has given us a clear understanding that the era of the great lives - just for big victories he now need to overpower another and themselves.
So do not cry, Roger. We have seen that you can be a hero again.

Paul Kopachev

I never was a fan of Djokovic - seemed not in him something that, to cling to, and not come off.
That Federer - an aristocrat; there is nothing superfluous: the reference posture, prominent eyebrows, burning hair.He's all right, as was in the 90s Pete Sampras. If there is the best advertisement for expensive watches - that is, of course, Roger. Or, for example, Nadal, the game is controlled by the cosmos. Power, flawless strokes, speed and peppercorn genius.
And how on earth are rooting for Djokovic, which is steep, but not so? This "Wimbledon" gave the answer: you need to get sick, because he is able to turn the dump with his bare hands, never becomes hysterical and goes to the end.
Grid Djokovic, the first racket of the tournament, was surprisingly difficult: exalted Radek Stepanek in the second round, which started two Serb tiebreak (one Novak won, the other - lost); crazy Marin Cilic, who dared to lead in the quarterfinals 2-1 sets. Finally, macho Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, who had a tiebreaker in the 4th party three setbola.And everywhere Djokovic was in the balance of destruction - and everywhere he needed superhuman.
And he found superhuman. It was the same in the final against Federer when he gave the first game offensively, gave a fourth (led 5-2, served for the match and missed match points on an opponent) ... He disconnected and forget failures, and started all over again ... won. This guy is not only technology, talent - he has courage. Gene champion.
Perhaps it is all the emotions - Novak soon marry, become a father. And this "Wimbledon" is just a nice background. Life - it's not just the titles.

Paul Nitkin

No one doubts that Federer - a great tennis player and a great man. Enumerate his tennis achievements and unique achievements can be so long that the tired language. Marvel at the way he is respected and loved by colleagues, you can so much that delight the heart stops. Not be touched photographs of his large family is impossible.
So last year in his performance evoked mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is difficult to provide a "tennis after Federer". But on the other hand, there was a question - why suffer so, Roger? Why endure the pain, go to Hamburg and Gstaad, smile, pretend that all is well, everything is going according to plan?
Then Federer said he was not yet over, it will still show. Many (including myself) took it as some sort of self-hypnosis a try myself to answer the legitimate "why". It turned out that all these conjectures - nonsense. Maestro has once again proved that he knows better.
How nice it would be if Federer left the match points and 2:5, and then in the final set to win. It would be revenge for two consecutive semifinals US Open, where this trick in the spirit Guddini cranked Djokovic. It did not happen;Coulda woulda.
But all the same for Roger happily. Great Artist - wise, experienced and mature - continues to create. What could be better? Let it no longer produces masterpieces in batches, but that every new web becomes more valuable and more enjoyable to the viewer.
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