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Jul 21, 2014

James Garner eventually escape forever

In 86 years, the actor of The Great Escape and Space Cowboys joined the stars, and a few stars including Steve McQueen, has does one police said Sunday in Los Angeles. Star of the television series Maverick , it was the figure of the American cowboy in all its splendor.

james garner death

For many, it will long Captain Bob Hendley said "The thief," in The Great Escape (1963) John Sturges, including Steve McQueen , James Coburn , Charles Bronson , Richard Attenborough as well. For 86 years, James Garner , famous for his role in the series Cowboy Maverick or veteran astronaut Space Cowboy of Clint Eastwood has gone to join the stars, where the stars are waiting for these guys.
Star of the American television series Maverick in the 50s and 60s, Garner died at 86 years, do we learned from the police in Los Angeles Sunday. The actor "died of natural causes" Saturday night, said his agent Alonzo Iniguez.
Whose real name is James Scott Baumgarner son of lawyer, James Garner was born in Oklahoma (south) April 7, 1928, in Norman. He left school early to join the Merchant Navy at the end of the Second World War. He later fought in the Korean War (1950-1953), where he was wounded twice. James Garner was first made ​​known through the television series Maverick, in which he played Bret Maverick, an avid poker player in a western. The series, filmed between 1957 and 1962, also enabled young shoots like Clint Eastwood and Roger Moore to launch in Hollywood.

The western clung to her skin

Elegant and naturally friendly cowboy, he captivated the public and became the star of the show qu'l leaves after three seasons. John Sturges is offering him on a plate his first major film role in The Great Escape in 1963 Subsequently, it also shows in the excellent film -. some say the best feature on the autombolbile-race Grand Prix of John Frankenheimer . This allows it to discover, like Steve McQueen a passion for motor racing.
But the western sticks to the skin. It embodies the great Wyatt Earp twice: in 1967 in Seven seconds in hell John Sturges, then in 1988 to Blake Edwards in Murder in Hollywood. Sturdy, solid, smiling, James Garner was the reassuring natural draws large American actors. It will be noticed in 1994, on the occasion of the film adaptation of return Maverick by Richard Donner alongside Mel Gisbson and Jodie Foster. His old buddy Clint then hiring the Space Cowboys in 2000 and famous and worthy reunion 40 years after the Maverick series. So long James, looks like Lucky Luke!

Time magazine said the actor was discovered dead at his home in the Brentwood of Los Angeles on Saturday night , as told by the officer Alonzo Iniquez shared with media day Sunday morning.

The source also said earlier, police were called to the family of actor 7th at 8pm and relatives Garner has confirmed the news.
Reportedly, actor James Garner has had a stroke in May 5/2008, just weeks after the 80th birthday, however, luckily, he has been saved from.

Come out at the age of 86, James Garner has left vast legacy of many roles. Many popular TV series starring his as "Maverick," "The Rockford Files" ... In addition, he has starred in more than 50 popular films such as The Great Escape (1963) Paddy Chayefsky's The Americanization of Emily (1964), Grand Prix (1966), Blake Edwards' Victor Victoria (1982), Murphy's Romance (1985), The Notebook (2004) ...
Garner was born in Norman, Oklahoma . When he was 5 years old, his mother died , he lived in the caring of relatives and friends along with 2 people he was the father then left the village to live California.
1957, Garner married to actress television Lois Clarke . Garner's wife gave birth to a daughter, Kimberly. Then, after the marriage, Garner has 2 more daughters, Gretta name is Scott. In the late 1990s, Garner has built a massive house to 12,000 square meters wide in a large farm of 400 acres north of Santa Barbara .

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