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Jul 7, 2014

King did not get to the throne

Novak Djokovic in a dramatic five-set match in the finals of Wimbledon beat Roger Federer. Serbian tennis player, thus became a double winner of the most prestigious tournament in the world. Women, too, for the second time in his career, excelled Petra Kvitova, who was head and shoulders above Eugenie Bouchard.

Eleven years ago, precisely on the star of Wimbledon Roger Federer. However, in 2003, his victory was widely seen as a mere episode. Were then tennis, from which expected more. And it turned out that it was Federer over the next six years consistently went to the finals only once and did not win, becoming the real king of Wimbledon. In 2012 he brought the number of titles won at Wimbledon, to seven and repeated once unthinkable achievement Pete Sampras. Well, for the most wins at the Grand Slam tournaments he surpassed legendary American: counts 17 titles Federer, Sampras at - 15.
Since then, Federer really big wins do not know over and over again giving more young and hungry for titles rivals. And the reasons to believe that this time will be different, it was a little bit. Swiss ceiling seemed semifinals, where he had a seemingly inevitable meeting with Rafael Nadal and virtually guaranteed defeat. But one Nadal in the semifinals was not, because the Spaniard sensationally before him got. And contrary to expectations, Federer himself pleased their fans, in fact, a flawless game. After six matches he gave opponents only one set!
And so, surprisingly calm, he again, already the ninth time in his career, was in the final of Wimbledon. And there confronted him Novak Djokovic. Tennis player, no doubt gorgeous, but comfortable enough for the Swiss. Earlier, Djokovic and Federer have met 34 times, and in 18 cases defeated Swiss athlete. And this season he won two matches out of three. That is, the chances were Federer.
However, the first drawings showed that Federer will be very difficult. In its filing gameness constantly struggle sprang up, while Djokovic took their feed rather calmly.However, Federer himself contributed to this. He obviously saves power, believing it is likely that the odds will be more. Or will the tie-break, the ability to play that has always been one of Federer: 24 Grand Slam finals, the Swiss 25 times played a tie-break and only six cases did not win.
Tie-break in the first set was, and Federer it luck. But count on the fact that by the end of the match Djokovic will not occur Break points, was naive. As well as the hope that it does not implement them. Serb fact still read fine game opponent, almost killing his attempts to root out of the swamp back of the line and try your luck at the net. Djokovic Federer so tormented his Stroke stroke that he went forward to less than it could. And Djokovic was serving well. Formally Federer in this component was even stronger - the match he made 29 aces against Djokovic 13. But Serb rarely getting a first filing, more than compensated for this successful game in the second.
In the end, Djokovic, keeping barely discernible in the statistics, but it is quite obvious live advantage in the game, and took a second and a third party. And it seemed to end.Because the strong points of Federer's ability to endure in recent years does not apply.And so after the fourth set Djokovic led 5-2, the match seemed to be no sense to continue. Least because Federer almost never in the game did not show that he is able to overtake an opponent, if so he forged ahead. And at this moment the audience, "play" clearly on the side of Federer (he, without doubt, the most popular tennis Wimbledon, Andy Murray even more popular, because rooting for him in London the heart, not because his passport British) I saw a small miracle. Federer when retreat has been nowhere, threw caution and just showed all that he can. Rushing back under his trademark forehand, backhand earned, steel fire finally yields to the grid. And Serbia, rather nervously react to the fact that the tribunes against him, swam. And until the end of the set, in the course of which he had match points and, swim already failed.
The vast majority of tennis players, after what happened with Djokovic in the fourth game, likely to come would have failed. He did not conceal that he felt quite unimportant.But the most difficult moments Djokovic still survived. Could stand, when Federer in the seventh game was a break-point. Re able to tune into the game despite the fact that the legs are cramping. And yet snatched victory from the hands of Federer. "But I do not know how I did it," - said Djokovic immediately after the match.
In any case, now called Djokovic double winner Wimbledon (first title he won in 2011).But Federer is comforted by the fact that he did everything he could and gave the audience a brilliant match. Although it is little consolation. After all, he does not get younger, and it is possible that more than one chance to win a Grand Slam tournament he will not.
A day earlier, took the women's final, which met Petra Kvitova and Eugenie Bouchard.The first has already had in the asset victory at Wimbledon. It was mined in 2011 in opposition to the read-tournament favorite Maria Sharapova. This time she was Kvitova as examiner. And she was a pretender to stricter than Sharapova three years ago. With 19-year-old Canadian girl Kvitova dealt quickly and very painful for her - 6:3, 6:0.

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