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Jul 15, 2014

The seven things we already know about The Rebu

The seven things we already know about "The Rebu"

The new novel 23h debuting today is a remake 1974

An assassination, a party of luxury and a puzzle that will hold the viewer. That's the scenario the Rebu , the new novel from 23h to premiere on Monday, March 14 Inspired by web Braulio Pedroso, which aired in 1974, the new version -. adapted to today - is written by George Moura and Sergio Goldenberg. An eye on this debut, ZH listed seven things we already know about the plot:  
1 - The name . One of the versions for the title of the novel is that Rebu The word comes from the commotion and was a slang term widely used in the 1970s and 1980s, mainly by gossip columnists of the time, to portray something that caused great impact. Another version says that the term is a shortening for a term somewhat "less elegant" meaning "a cluster of beautiful women."

2 - The crime . The story begins when a body is found in the pool of the mansion of one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of the country, the contractor Angela Mahler (Patricia Pillar) . All party guests become suspects of the crime and will be questioned by the delegate Nuno Pedroso (Marcos Palmeira) and his assistant Rose (Dira Paes).
3 - One day portrayed in 36 chapters . So will  The Rebu . A great party start sin the first chapter and the last one ends. The narrative unfolds in three stages: the feast day, the day of the investigation and flashbacks showing the possible involvement of each guest with the victim.
4 - A new ending . In the original version the murder of the young Sylvia (played by Bete Mendes) was engineered by the host Conrad Mahler (Ziembinski). The plot back to the revamped Globe screen. Conrad Mahler exits the station and main character enters Angela Mahler (Patrícia Pillar) instead.Consequently, the "Who killed him?" was also modified.

5 - The script promises . One of the authors of the remake of "The Rebu" is the talented George Moura, responsible for the text of one of the great successes of the miniseries of the issuer, the phenomenon Amores stolen .
6 - Novel more compact . The plot is also shorter. Instead of the 112 chapters of the original, is now 36. The viewer already knows who died in the first episode (the original version, the revelation only appeared in chapter 50). But who killed just last a day even.
7 - Social Networks . Social networks come as another character in the story.Researchers will scour all that was posted during the party. Thus, the public can participate in investigations. The information will be given in real time over the internet, principally through social networks of the miniseries.

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