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Jul 6, 2014

UFC175 Roundup: Weidman judgment win

 Ticker at 10:00 on July 6 UFC [microblogging] 175 was held in Las Vegas, THEhotel at Mandalay Bay Stadium. As UFC2014 Year "International Fighting Week" finale event, called luxury lineup. Headlines Main Event - Chris Weidman (Chris Weidman) to determine a consistent beat Ryuta Machida (Lyoto Machida),
successfully defended his middleweight title. Co-race Ronda - Rossi (Ronda Rousey) in just 16 seconds when it defeated challenger KO Alexis - Davis (Alexis Davis), successfully defending women's bantamweight title. The following is a detailed report on this victory and the final result: (# of players currently ranked in the order of the official)

  Main Event:

  Bantamweight: Marcus - Bristol Major (Marcus Brimage) negative Rosaire - Donne (Russell Doane)

  After the game starts, find the opportunity to take the lead Donne, the ground control Marcus and repeatedly looking for the opportunity to surrender. Marcus started the second leg back, trying to be the game controller stand, and the presence of surface advantage. The last two men standing round commence Marcus has played more than punch, but did not appear KO scenes, multi-Purcell is prudent to fight back, eventually scoring after the referee, Russell win.

  Middleweight: Uriah - Hall (Uriah Hall) wins Tiago - Santos (Thiago Santos)

  After opening the two are very cautious in stalemate in unexpected Hall, toes fracture cases, but it has not announced to retire, but continue to fight, and repeatedly strike hit. But its still a lot of toe injuries affected, especially mobile speed difficult to restore its former rhythm.

  Hall of serious injuries easily dragged the match into the third round, and continue to give Santos pressure alone would make it unable to do anything heavy, although the last time Santos began to fight back, but it was too late, and ultimately rely referee, Hall hard to win.

  Women's Bantamweight title fight: Ronda - Rossi (Ronda Rousey) wins Alexis - Davis (Alexis Davis)

  Opening will find opportunities, hugs will fall, followed by continuous heavy thump the game came to an end, Rossi just 16 seconds before the end when the fighting, the 4th woman to successfully defend UFC bantamweight title.

  Middleweight title fights: - Chris Weidman (Chris Weidman) wins Machida Ryuta (Lyoto Machida)

  They played very beginning of the game cautiously, testing each other rivals, the scenes are evenly matched, but the situation in the latter half of the second round of changes, Weidman gradually occupied the vendors advantage. With the third round, Weidman three times successfully Ryuta TAKE DOWN Machida down, and take the initiative to suppress on the ground, while Ryuta's also played a facial wound.

  The last two rounds, Machida Ryuta seems aggregation and into the state, once so strong counterattack Weidman find any, especially near the end of the game a series of combat when driven from the audience atmosphere. Weidman is consistent but ultimately determined that beat Machida Ryuta, the second to become the reigning UFC middleweight title.

  Vice tournament:

  Bantamweight: Urijah - Faber (Urijah Faber) wins Alex - Casares (Alex Caceres)

  Welterweight: Kenny - Robertson (Kenny Robertson) wins Il De - Alcantara (Ildemar Alcantara)

  Middleweight: Chris - Kamo Zi (Chris Camozzi) Negative Bruno - Santos (Bruno Santos)

  Bantamweight: George - Rupp (George Roop) negative Rob - Fonte (Rob Font)

  Middleweight: Luke - Zach Richie (Luke Zachrich) wins Guilherme - Vasconcelos (Guilherme Vasconcelos)

  Middleweight: Kevin - Casey (Kevin Casey) wins Bubba - Bush (Bubba Bush)

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