Jul 7, 2014

Wimbledon Finals - 2014. Novak Djokovic - Roger Federer. Preview

The last fight in London kicks off today. In the final match will meet Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. @ Sport.ruintroduces readers to the pre-match decomposed both tennis players ..
During the second week of Wimbledon, everyone was talking about the decay of the proverbial "big four". Apparently, journalists have forgotten to talk about it with Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Two Wimbledon champion defeated in the semi-final of their 23-year-old colleagues: Grigor Dimitrov and Raonic, Milos respectively. Now they come together on Centre Court, which will be their 35th meeting in the internal opposition.
For both the cost of winning tennis is very high. Djokovic need to regain first place in the world ranking, which now firmly located Rafael Nadal. Despite the fact that Serbia is quite far comes to Grand Slam tournaments on the majors, he does not win here and a half years. In turn, Federer will try to go down in history as an eight-time Wimbledon champion. As he tries to prove that it is too early to write off the accounts.
"Despite the fact that Serbia is quite far comes to Grand Slam tournaments on the majors, he does not win here and a half years ..."
Tennis players are truly legendary history of confrontations. With their first full-time match last eight years, and only a slight advantage with the score 18:16 is Swiss. On the grass they played only once, in the semifinals of Wimbledon - 2012. Then Roger won in four sets - 6:3, 3:6, 6:4, 6:3. 
 Quite surprising is the fact that with such a rich history in the final majors opponents met only once - in 2007 at the U.S. Open, Federer beat Djokovic indicative - 7:6, 7:6, 6:4. This year the tennis players met three times, twice defeated Roger. In addition, Federer has a successful performance at Wimbledon: from eight finals he won seven and Novak played twice, won once. From the standpoint of statistics, Federer has a clear advantage.
Both players have a huge experience of playing in these games, so talk about nervousness, as a significant factor, it's stupid.Nevertheless, the question of psychology is the place to be. As already mentioned, Djokovic does not win a Grand Slam in January 2013. Like, on paper not so long period, but for the same length of time prior to that date, he played in seven finals and won two of them. The Serb is in the peak of his playing career, but lately he has missed many chances. Victory at Wimbledon should bring him confidence. For Federer, this victory will have even greater importance. Roger did not play in the final two years, and he knows how hard it is to reach the final at the twilight of his career.
If a fight is protracted, the chances increase Serb at times, because the body does not hold Roger has long protracted battles.But on his side will support the public love it here. If London is not destined to defeat Andy Murray, the fans are hoping for a triumph of the Swiss.
Federer had a brilliant two weeks, but he needs to be on full alert, because the level of the opponent Djokovic he has not seen.Roger obliged to reduce errors to a minimum: no mistakes on the pitch and set your forehand. Djokovic held his opponents not as easy as its Swiss counterpart, but every time his character was shown at a time when it is needed most. So it was in a fight with Marin Cilic and Grigor Dimitrov. His ability to tune in to the desired part of the match and helped him become what he is today.
"If London is not destined to defeat Andy Murray, the fans are hoping to triumph is Swiss ..."
Before the match, much has been
said, both players fit in this matter as professionals, not showing excessive self-confidence and giving due respect to each other. " I understand that he is ready to become a champion. I have a huge motivation to win. This is a great event for me. However the finals - a great achievement. Just so not to get here "- Djokovic said before the match. " At Wimbledon we played only once, and then I lost. Hopefully, this time I can win, despite the fact that the grass - Federer's favorite surface, and it is here that he has achieved the greatest success in his career , "- said the Serb.
Abstained from pre-match comments and Federer himself: " I can say that I like to play with Novak. We had different paths to the top. We made ​​our way to a different time, when he made ​​a mess, I was among the leaders. Since then much changed. Today we both love to play on the back line, and Novak takes great and goes on the attack as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I think that's what makes it such a difficult opponent. Djokovic is able to do on the court is all . "
The opposition of these two tennis players became cult. His fans are waiting for, because in their duels always show emotion, intrigue and spectacle. Both players will fight until the last draw, as to raise the trophy dreams is everyone who plays tennis.And no matter how many times you've done it - whether or eight times. Every time Cup brings new emotions, new feelings.Whoever wins today, the world will see another tennis spectacle that certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.
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