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Jan 8, 2015

American Idol: season 14 broadcast!

American Idol season 14

US national audition program of "American Idol" season 14 broadcast was determined officially.

According to the US E! News, FOX broadcasters announced that it will conduct primary screening of "American Idol" season 14 from January 18.

It was revealed that perform the audition in the US 15 cities Minneapolis Starting. Primary screening in New Orleans, Nashville, Los Angeles, Uniondale, also performed in New York, it is also possible to receive an audition tour bus around the small city. Also that accept online. FOX recently, "Enlisted", determine the truncation of 4 program such as "Rake".

"American Idol" is a popular program of the agency, but since the number of viewers of times that was broadcast recently has been sluggish with 8.65 million people, such as "X Factor" which became censored in season 3, the broadcast Cancel it is of the had been worried that. In addition, the US TV guide, continue to jury of season 14, the press would Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. serve.

While viewing rate did not wielded, it is transmitted from which fans and critics match the three breath perfect because it was popular, the new season also will review in this three. In addition, the US Deadline is May 9, told that Ryan Seacrest, who is the host of the show was also update the appearance contract.

"American Idol" season 14, will be broadcast from January 2015.

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