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Jan 9, 2015

Kaley Cuoco: I do not demand equality

Kaley Cuoco star

By the way, this interview later this week caused a lot of controversy. It Keighley, in particular, spoke about what it's like to be - the highest paid TV star, reports Gossip .

Kaylee argues that the ideas of feminism was not for her, she never was a girl that wants full equality:

"Is it bad if I say that I have no relationship to feminism? Now everything has changed. I know a lot of work has been done before my arrival, that women were more opportunities. I was never one of those girls who demand equality. Perhaps the fact that I have never encountered an infringement of my rights. Five nights a week I spend in the kitchen preparing dinner for her husband. It makes me feel like a housewife. And I just love it. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I like it when women take care of their men. At work, I was so in control of all that, coming home, I like to look after him. "

Kaley Cuoco posted in Instagram pictures from his hospital bed. The actress said that survived the surgery to correct the nasal septum. However, not all subscribers Cuoco believe it. Particularly distrustful suggested that Caylee chased fashion and decided, like many other stars, bring your nose to perfection with the help of plastic surgery.


Let me tell all the haters that for many years I could not breathe through my nose! This operation has changed my life! If I decided to make plastic, I would have told myself about this world,

She also said she did not hesitate to surgical intervention for the sake of beauty. Proof of this is frank story Kaylee about breast augmentation:

"I did not have breasts. And it was the best decision. I always felt disproportionately. And implants helped me become more confident. This was not an attempt to become sexier. "

In addition, previously Cuoco claimed that breast augmentation has helped her to move up the career ladder, including to get the role in the series "The Big Bang Theory."

A few days ago Kaylee said she did not say so:

"After the release of this article, some very offended by my comments about feminism. This is not so. My words were taken out of context. I ask forgiveness of everyone. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I could not say so. "

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