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Jan 8, 2015

Phylicia Rashad - False rumors

Phylicia Rashad
Every now and again, there will be all kinds of gossip circulating, most people pull is still alive but came good death. Recently, on the famous social networking site Facebook, someone came the famous American actress Felicia · Rashad (Phylicia Rashād) death.

08/01/2015 Update: This message seems to be false rumors

· By Felicia Rashad "is dead" bitter rumors

According to US media reports, about one week before the beginning of the micro-blogging someone spread the message "tweets" (twitter) on, then "face book" (facebook) is also a "good way to go, Felicia Rashad · "(RIP Phylicia Rashād) fan base. Fans announcement said:

66-year-old Felicia Rashad · 1948 Houston was born June 19, is at 11:00 on January 6, and death due to unknown reasons. We will always remember her, but she will never forget.
Fans mourn people still alive but violent conflict over one million

Reporters in the actual online January 7, he found time to less than one day, the number of fans by Chan has more than one million. Because the message is too much, then also attracted international media attention. After checking found that actually Felicia Rashad · alive.

· Felicia Rashad has been blasting the new romance

· 66-year-old Felicia Rashad love have occupied the major news and entertainment sections. As they love has kept a low profile since the news came out so many fans of Felicia Rashad · new boyfriend identity played a curiosity, but its identity has been a mystery.

Exposure ring on his left ring finger

Waving, the reporter found Felicia · Rashard's left ring finger wearing a new gold ring ring ring for class, but it happens to be worn on the left ring finger - this is the place to have a strong symbolic meaning, triggering We guess his new love. Although the news media emphatic, but the broker for the "engagement" message that knowledge.

Felicia Rashad · more mass marriage hearing more fire, friends have blessing

Message whether true or false, January 7 · Felicia Rashad engagement information on the also received a lot of fans and stars colleagues blessing. Now, some people will "microblogging era" called "rumor era."

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