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Jan 3, 2015

Rose Bowl rout! Oregon crushed Florida State 59-20

Marcus Mariota and ducks is designed for speed and flash them the first college football playoff semifinal game into the Rose Bowl rout.

Ducks sprinkle Florida State 59-20, 1999 (Thursday), and now it is in Texas, trying to win their first national championship.
"It was unbelievable. I am very proud of these guys here," Mariota said. "We've got one more to take care of."

Alabama Football Among College Bowl Upsets

Second-seeded Ducks (13-1) made ​​a six-game winning streak when they touched the ball in the second half, with five covers at least 21 yards, in the past four years, Florida turnovers to touchdowns.
The game clock at 12:54 span, the score to 25-20, from the 59-20.
"It's fun, said:" Duck "Run Oregon coach Mark Helfrich," but at the same time these guys were able to maintain a huge focus. "

Alabama Football Among College Bowl Upsets

Heisman Trophy winner in the duel, Jameis Winston Mariota matching numbers, but are no match for a duck in Seminole. Pac-12 champion will play Alabama and Ohio in Arlington, Texas Sugar Bowl winner of the state semifinal January 12.

29. In the third-seeded Florida, the first loss in Winston-game winning streak ended as a college starter, perhaps his last game in college, He threw 348 yards and turned the ball over twice.
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"I think what he did was a competitor, what he does, his teammates, He is a great player in college football is not only one, but the history of college football to me, "Florida coach Jimbo Fisher said." It was a tough day out there. "

Mariota mostly brilliant a. guidance duck "warp speed, hurry up, get up attack, junior passed 338 yards and two touchdowns. When he rushed 23 yards touchdown with 13:56 left in the fourth quarter, made ​​the score 52-20, which made ​​a duck in the history of the Rose Bowl the first team to reach 50 points. This is the No. 101 games.
Alabama Football Among College Bowl Upsets

"The longer you go, you get," Ducks safety Eric Dargan Hotel, who forced a fumble and intercepted a pass said. "We went and we no longer live strong. Everyone kept asking for more of each other."
duck fans spent a lot of last quarter to make a mockery of the Seminole "warchant and tomahawk chop. After this is Players show off the T-shirt that says "WON not done so. "

The first playoff game at the highest level of college football, the type of playoff fans are eager to forever, it seems it will be a classic for about two and a half quarters.
In the cloudless sky, on a cold day Pasadena's Rose Bowl featuring Heisman Trophy winner third showdown and a couple of quarterbacks who can vying to become the first overall pick in April's NFL Draft.

In the same areas, Florida deletion of Auburn's 18-point deficit, to win the national championship last year, in the sixth and a half behind the Seminoles this season.

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