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Mar 28, 2015

Here's how Paul Walker was created digitally for "Furious 7"

It is a great achievement that the Furious 7 creators were able to continue and to complete the series of 7 of the film, even after the death of one of the most important characters.

Paul Walker final scenes in this film are reportedly doing well enough that you'd think they were filmed before his death.

Universal has refused to show the tricks that they used in order to 'bring to life' character Walkerit, transmits

But, say the company of Peter Jackson - WETA Digital - with its visual effects had a duty to complete work perfectly.

This type of method is also used in the past, using 2D composition. Visual effects studio The Mill in London, had helped create the actors in the movie Gladiator and Sopranos, as some key characters in these movies had changed the life.

Nowadays, there is a technology that is able to create totally original actors in 3D, as is similar to the advertising of Johnny Walker, which was introduced Bruce Lee.

It is known also that Caleb Walker helped in some parts of the film Furious 7, as a replacement of the body of his deceased brother, since they have the same physical dimensions and so Paul Walker to appear in the film as the original,

Otherwise, the film is expected to be an emotional conclusion, and people can not wait to see it. Furious 7 will appear in UK cinemas starting from 3 April.

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