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Mar 28, 2015

Learn how to enable free calls on WhatsApp

Brian Action, creator of WhatsApp a year ago had announced that the application would have the option of free call and is finally available .

To enable these calls follow these simple steps:

1. Download the new version of WhatsApp or update it from Google Store.

2. It is necessary to receive the call for Whatsapp of a contact that already have this feature enabled so that you activate the interface and the option to call.

3. Once the call is received, the function will be available in the recipient's account , which in turn can make calls to go spreading the service.

4. Answer and wait a few seconds, then hangs up.

5. Close the application and when you open it again and have the new interface.

The sound quality is very good but experienced a delay in the arrival of audio, as the proper functioning of this tool telephony depends on a good internet connection .

For now only works on Android and Blackberry 10 will soon Diponible on iOS and Windows Phone.

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