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Mar 28, 2015

Magali Mora, Barbie and more attacks Nazarene Velez

A Magalí Mora does not cost much talking. Judging by his unstoppable raid by different TV shows, which costs is keep quiet. Yesterday, for example, called for "Zapping" (which continues its countdown in America: Part 31 March), it seemed that the issue was whether he had anything or not with Ariel Diwan, pear media of "easy pout" ( key ingredient when developing his character "bebota") finished polishing off again against his ex, Federico Bal , and Barbie Vélez.

Besides suffering from verbal incontinence in their intimate relationships, often Magalí their allegations with evidence, eg WhatsApp chats and stuff. It's what he did to show that she went out with Fede Bal practically on the same dates at the beginning of her relationship with Barbie. Although yesterday his goal was take aim primarily to her.

"Barbie is very cute, but not me as the role of self-righteous and hypocrite, less coming from the mother you have. I would now like or fart ", he threw the daughter of Nazarene, and step-mom too . "She is divine, beautiful, but I do not think that poor little paper, innocent. In fact, it is grabbing Fede a while. It made ​​it difficult, not fuck me! ", followed Magalí at a time when director Martin struck straight Bigotito Amestoy, who smiled accomplice. And here it agree the deep friendship between Moustache and Maga, first, plus the clear animosity towards Fede Bal Amestoy.

On another sample of his particular style, "the kiss of Bal is slimy half," explained Maga, ever so fine.

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