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Mar 28, 2015

The Court denied parole for Robledo Puch

Robledo Puch, the serial murderer who in the 70s was known as the "Angel of Death", will not have access to probation despite having spent more than four decades in captivity, as decided by the Supreme Court yesterday Justice to confirm a rejection of that request.  

Robledo Puch is sentenced to life imprisonment for a series of murders that took place in the early '70s, when public opinion was shocked by the crimes and the coldness that had made ​​the young blond son a manager of a US automaker.
The judges Ricardo Lorenzetti, Elena Highton de Nolasco and Juan Carlos Maqueda, confirmed the decision of the Supreme Court of Buenos Aires, provincial high court to argue that brought the official defending Puch had done instead.
The famous prisoner is imprisoned for ten aggravated murder, a simple murder, 17 robberies and two cases of sexual abuse committed between 1971 and 1972 and is in jail since February 3, 1972, more than 43 years.
During his captivity he suffered the isolation of his fellow prisoners and contracted the HIV virus, as was said.
In a letter to the Supreme Court of Buenos Aires, in November 2013, Robledo Puch wrote: "How I continue to deny freedom, why I do not change it for a lethal injection? ".
Although according to process, Robledo Puch is able to go free since the mid-90s, Justice repeatedly refused his requests for release because it believes is not in able to reintegrate into society.
After the death of his parents, no one claimed by the most famous contemporary murderers of Argentina.

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