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Mar 28, 2015

The Deadly Secret of Andreas Lubitz

As "normal" the copilot is described which tore into death the passengers of the German Wings flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. But how normal is normal?

rench prosecutor Brice Robin from Marseille announced a disaster after disaster, when he co-pilot of the German Wings Airbus said on Thursday: ". It was his desire to destroy this aircraft" Ulrich Wessel, the headmaster of the school in supporting the by the disaster 16 students and two teachers lost, said it was "much worse than we have much thought." German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "This is something going on every imagination beyond."

An accident, a storm, human error, all this would have been to take might somehow. But that just man, which after intense exercise the lives of hundreds of people was entrusted and had this confidence yet disappointed that so that man loses control of his own life and becomes a mass murderer - that seemed despite less similar incidents in the recent past to be unthinkable.

Human state of emergency
The question of why the unthinkable happened, why the plane crashed with 150 people on board, since then directed to Andreas Lubitz, a young man from the Rhineland-Palatinate Montabaur, 27 years old, who has always wanted to be a pilot, but initially only flight attendants was that the first floor of this lovely family home lived with his brother, who flew in September 2013 in the Lufthansa subsidiary German Wings and had finally completed 630 hours of flight time. Why would he kill himself while 149 people tear into death? Why he wanted to be not only suicides, but also a mass murderer? Why? Had they need to know?

The question can not be answered accurately even scientists and perhaps could not even answer us Andreas Lubitz even if he was still alive. For not only the question of why people at a certain time in a certain way take their own lives, are available for members and the public often no answer. Even science can not explain exactly what processes in the brain lead to suicidal thoughts today.

Although we have not experienced biochemical changes in the study of suicide victims in the brain, says Andreas Reif, Professor of Psychiatry at the Frankfurt University Hospital. These changes were not explained by a single cause. Even patients who have survived a suicide attempt, "can in hindsight, if they are healthy again, do not understand sometimes do not tell me what was going on in them." The feeling of suicidality is a human emergency, which alters the feel and think in principle.

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