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Mar 28, 2015

The plan aims to revive Renovate domestic appliance industry and reduce power consumption

Energy Secretary's Office, Mariana Matranga said that the replacement of appliances by teams of more technology aims to revive the national industry products called white line, and primarily to make more efficient use of electricity in households and redirect energy for productive activity. "The Renovate a swap plan appliances, consumer stimulus aimed enabled the production of washing machines and refrigerators energy efficient domestic manufacturing, allowing savings in energy consumption electrical, and consequently the amount of the invoice of service, "said the official in dialogue with National Radio.

Matranga gave details of the mechanisms for access to Renovate plan to refill refrigerators and washing machines, with 25% discount and financing the rest through the plan now.

The plan promotes the purchase of appliances with the "A" label certifying that they consume energy more efficiently, resulting in improved efficiency park capacity. Refrigerators and washing machines account for 25% of electricity consumption of a home.

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner also announced yesterday the reallocation of subsidies for bottles of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which until now was delivered to packaging, in return for which they sold a social carafe to $ 16, which was very difficult to find by users, and now the profit goes directly to the user. Some 2.5 million people (in the metropolitan area) will receive monthly allowance in advance in bank accounts.

 In this regard, Matranga He explained that to access the subsidy, together with the Anses, Enargas and Correo Argentino Secretariat conducted a comprehensive work to form a circuit pattern in which you including beneficiaries of these programs that meet the requirements, one of the which is to have low incomes. "We believe that in order to access the subsidy, the home must have an income less than two minimum wages phones" Matranga said, noting that in the case of informal workers "are automatically included" because their formal entry is zero. It also indicated that if someone qualifies is not included in this pattern may be included logging into the website of the Ministry of Energy, Anses Enargas Correo Argentino, and will also have to do with . 0800 666 Home that will be active from April 1 Matranga made ​​clear "that anyone can not register; because then we will make the crossing of data between distribution companies, Anses, Ministry of Energy, Enargas; but when in doubt, in principle, are you going to give the benefit and will be included in the register ".

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