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Mar 28, 2015

Wikileaks denies rumor about death of Paul McCartney

wikileaks denied recent information that shook the world, related to the myth of the death of Paul McCartney, and clarified that it has no documents to support the passing of exbeatle.
Some days ago it was said that the organization had documents as a supposed death certificate signed by the notary Edward Wallace and police chief, Jills Templeton and a statement of John Lennon lamenting the departure of his partner and announcing that the group would making music at that time.

He said even that same manager of The Beatles asked that the alleged statements were filed Lennon and Paul sought to replace.

Wikileaks message on Twitter saying that "there is a circling over which we have recently published some documents claim that Paul McCartney died in 1966. We did not do history."

The daily reproduces this report which is supposed to new data on the death of Beatle without mentioning the source detailed, only refers to the news portal Music Television News has tried to contact Ringo Starr to confirm information . "So far it has not transcended more information. Music News Television, through its correspondent in London, has tried talking to Ringo Starr, the only member (now owned) left alive Beatles. But the drummer more famous of all time has declined to comment ". At the moment you can not access this site by the number of visits you are receiving from the exclusive appeared.

The rest of the details appearing in the news are already known: "George Martin, producer of all four of Liverpool, proposed a replacement quickly as they were in the middle of the recording sessions of Sgt Peppers Although it was Ringo Starr, according to. includes cable, who suggested the other band members to give some clues on future albums the group "as a tribute to Paul".

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