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Jul 3, 2015

Al Pacino sent a message to the Argentina

Al Pacino sent a message to the Argentina team: "I love the way they play."

The actor made ​​NorthAmerican get a voice message for the Argentina national team.
Al Pacino commanded them to tell the players of Argentina who is happy when you see them play.

US actor Al Pacino, who won the Oscar in 1992, surprised everyone by stating his admiration for the selection of Argentina that this Saturday with host Chile define the title of the Copa America.

"Hi, guys! I was asked to send a message to the team. I just see them and I love the way they play and try. I'm so excited to talk to you, it's exciting for me to speak and to say how much I appreciate how wonderful and great they are as players. "

The actor, 75, revealed that followed the party where the Albiceleste beat Paraguay 6-1 in the semifinals with his girlfriend, Lucila Sola Argentina.

"I get very happy when I see them play and for me it is always a pleasure," Al Pacino in the audio transmitted to the squad that leads Gerardo Martino.

"I do not know them as people, so do not want to say how great they are as people, but as players I love," closed the actor.

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