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Jul 2, 2015

Beauty of Difference in Domestic Novita Angie

, Jakarta Marriage of different religions is still a taboo in Indonesia. Therefore, differences in principles mentioned will trigger domestic rift. But that assumption is undeniable if you see a couple Novita Angie  and Sapto Haryo Rajasa. Although different religions, they still live in harmony in her marriage sacred promise.

Uphold religious tolerance attitude become a way of Novita and Sapto undergoing the Big Dipper household. Such as the current month of Ramadan where Novita always accompany her husband to eat suhoor or breaking. Recognized Novita, her husband and never quarrel about religion.
"Friend, many are Muslim, a Muslim father-in-law. I felt dawn, accompanied her husband, iftar come too. I just celebrated 14 years of marriage. From childhood I was taught Unity, basicnya taught tolerance," said Novita Angie in the SCBD, Jakarta Center, Wednesday (01/07/2015).

Novita was also preparing for all purposes in the Hari Raya holiday. Moreover, the mother of two children to take care of your own homework because left homecoming by assistant household. Novita usually presents the diamond Opor as typical menu Eid.

"Husband and father of Eid, so I have prepared menus Lebaran. Before going home going home, the maid had cooked and placed in the refrigerator. Usually Opor if Lebaran," said Novita.

Novita Angie  said, the difference can not be a reason for not merging of two beings. Even differences also can not be used as a reason for the split. "Incidentally, I like this way of life, which is an important communication, understanding and mutual trust," he concluded.

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