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Jul 2, 2015

Cara Delevingne against Hollywood: 'The superhero movies are sexist'

Cara Delevingne superhero movies criticized for being "totally sexist".

Cara Delevingne participate in the distribution of ' Suicide Squad ' , a film that Warner and DC released in 2016, along with Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice. In a recent interview to discuss the project, the model of the dispute has not lost the opportunity to launch a good review Hollywood and, in particular, the superhero movie, which he described as "totally sexist ' . "Superheroes are in bikini or topless. You can not fight that way . Wonder Woman how? You would be dead the hell fight in less than a minute. "The thought Cara Delevingne during the interview. However, the model rebel, has spoken about his role and specified that women "Suicide Squad ' have the best roles and, despite being few women, their roles are key.

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