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Jul 2, 2015

Check back taxes five years aimed at tourism, protection of the nominee

    Check back taxes aimed nominee tourism. Tourism, Ministry of Commerce, Treasury's hands holding nominee threatened Check back taxes. Compared with turnover period of 5 years from the opening of      her handfuls Kan Culture loan that tracks minister of Tourism and Sports Ministry revealed that preparations together with the Department of Business Development. Ministry of Commerce and Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance. The potential for companies to work through foreigners (the nominee) who came to do business, tourism in Thailand. To make money in tourism to Thailand is exactly      the primary. Ministry expected How to determine the tax retroactively and comparative financial results. And if the irregular checks clearly again      "after being down in the various tourist attractions. I agree that the issue of the nominee's involvement in the travel industry, quite a lot. Specifically, Phuket The area was found to have it. And in this regard that the patch can not be ignored. From now on, it will start to investigate this more rigorous "      . Ms.. Wan tote Mola Deputy Director General Department of Tourism. Acting Director General, Department of Tourism, said the department has worked with. The Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) for monitoring the tourism sector could be involved with the nominee. Through to view the results after a period of five years since its opening. And if they find that the earnings losses which is considered. Will be monitoring the Nanjing rang again. "The tourism potential crackdown came in the nominee. Audit Department joined with the DSI and the Ministry of Commerce throughout. The last review in April.. I found a company that expects to qualify as a nominee two cases of mid-sized companies. From this, it has set up a committee together a committee together to examine this particular aspect, ""

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