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Jul 3, 2015

Christian Sugiono So Villain in 'Transformers'

Christian Sugiono turn entrusted Harold Attinger figures through her ​​voice. Yes, today Tian, ​​so greeting, lined up to be dubber evil character in the movie ' Transformers: Age Of Extinction '. Tian was admitted to not going to waste the opportunity gained.

"Glad to follow so dubber. Usually dubber for myself and it was an easy yes, but this is for another person, in English anyway," said Christian Sugiono Ballroom during an interview at UOB, Central Jakarta, Thursday (02/07/2015).

Even though it looks simple, but the Christian recognizes the difficulty of being a dubber. He must adapt the script with the mouth movements of players. Moreover, there are factors that make the language of the husband Titi Kamal have much to learn.

"I think it is quite difficult, English into Indonesian is hard. I learned so many Indonesian, so we have to adjust to his lips as well," said Tian.

Besides Christian Sugiono, names like Augie Fantinus, Iwa K, Bayu Oktara, Ben Kasyafani, Ibn Jamil and Dimas Seto also involved into the voice. The film ' Transformers: Age Of Extinction 'will be aired again on July 17, 2015 on HBO.

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