Jul 2, 2015

ECA wants a divorce cause early?

Beautiful server Ece Early news that the 1-year divorce from his wife Serkan Ucar, moved to the magazine's agenda. So ECA who is early? Here are all the details you wonder ECE Early life and our news about new developments regarding the divorce ...
popular server screen on the verge of divorce these days ... Early said that according to information from his wife deal adequately with both his own son. Serkan's wife is confused early end to this situation. ECA does not know if he decided to separation caused the early ... Ece Early, around for the decision of separation "Serkan, nor not interested enough to our son with me," dedi.e of said Early's young wife is still unfounded this claim immediate surroundings. The marriage was short-lived married in Cesme last summer Ece's happiness was short-lived early and Serkan Ucar. Five months after their families even flirting duo signed the ledger without notice, took a year at the end of the divorce decree negotiated. Early in the first period of the marriage itself emerged from 11 years younger Uçar family who has been declared undesirable by the news that point, but after a while he focused waters. Two months ago he had clinched the double happiness with Ayman named his sons. But the problems are behind closed doors, brought them to the point of divorce. DELETE LAST recently had social media accounts on the server's famous "Fly" to delete the name was adopted at the first sign of the crisis. ECA's family get their son back to the fountain breaks early in Eymen'l continue "divorce" sparked further allegations. ECE EARLY CONFIRMED Rumours ECA confirmed by early: "Yes, we're getting a divorce. We divided house and I opened the case. Negotiated as we divorce, they also do not have any request from the other." SERKAN UCAR: Confused On the other hand, Serkan Ucar "I wanted a divorce cause Ece I do not know, I'm confused. I see why soon" is konuşuluyor.e by EARLY WHO also that too? May 11, 1978 samsune Early Oztarhan, the Turkish television presenter. Sugar in the morning get doğdu.sam in Samsun in May 1978` tanınmıştır.11 the basins with the program. Height 1.68, weight 51, is maviyeşil eyes. Because his father Pain officers, Ankara, lived in various places such as Cyprus. Besiktas Atatürk High School and graduated in favor of Besiktas. Tennis, horseback riding, snow skiing, carriage rides, listen to music, are among the activities he loved to go to the movies. Once he is riding horse since he missed. Very good command of English bilir.sunuculuk career 12 years, Kıbrıs`T Flag began in Televizyon` Radio. Then, respectively; Vizyon` in Ankara Radio and Radio tried to Genç`T. King then came to Istanbul and started to work in TV `lerin. After King TV `lerin, the Metropol FM, Alem FM radio show and worked as a radio Viva` end. In the first star he began to work in television channels. Later, Channel 6, Number One TV, TV `lerin worked at Young. Shower TV `lerin made ​​in the program for 4 years.
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