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Jul 3, 2015

Exclusive, Ala Doing Business Total Luna Maya

If there are terms of total football as is often done the Dutch national team, Luna Maya also do the same in the fashion business scene. What kind of total business ala Luna Maya?


Not this time Luna Maya in the business world. Previously, he was diving business in between the restaurant and clothing. However, it acted alongside business partner. Now he is diving business alone. He has his own team to the business of his ready to wear fashion.

The consequence of courage female births, Denpasar August 26, 1983 is very clear. He had to focus, if not similar mistakes in business before is not likely to happen again. "I used to live sorted out just as creative director. But now all I take care of, from material selection, design, production, and marketing, "he said.

Luna Maya. (Wardrobe Luna Habit, Location: Portico Terrace Bistro, Senayan City, Galina
Tired, that's for sure. However, he played it with pleasure. And Luna did not want to invest that he had not returned capital drizzle. "I have to focus on that what we create can not be sold and accepted by Bunana lovers wherever they are," said Luna, which markets its products through cyberspace.

Because you want to focus and total in the business world, he deliberately did not take filming or soap operas. However, for filming a quiz show, a guest star or sitcom is still dilakoninya. It was time to just the morning until noon only.

Luna Maya. (Wardrobe Luna Habit, Location: Portico Terrace Bistro, Senayan City, Galina W. Knight
No kidding, Luna has a target for two years to break even. Which made optimistic public favored its production. In terms of the business he now has a rotating wheel. "So far so good huh. But I should not be easily satisfied. Every day me and the team to evaluate why good sales today, why yesterday was not good or less good, "said Luna Maya to Edy Suherli and Mukti Iskandar Hasan in an exclusive interview in Portico Terrace Bistro, Senayan City, Jakarta Pusat , Thursday (06/18/2015). Here are excerpts from more.

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