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Jul 2, 2015

[Football] Miyama "World Cup is not passed" Nadeshiko Japan W between the strong talk temple toward the cup consecutive

Miyama was committed joy and bench members to determine the PK (middle) [Photo] = Getty Images

Nadeshiko Japan, enjoyed the match was 2? 1 victory and England women's team at the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 semi-final, which was held on the 1st, we play the finals of two consecutive tournament.

After this game on MF Miyama Aya decided the PK to be a pre-emptive point game, "anyway because've been thinking the only thing you want to win, because I think I stand to the start point at one step away, I think really it's the power of the team." Comments and.

1? Has been successful in the end of the game just before it was greeted with 1 to go-ahead in the opponent's own goal, it said, "of course, I was unlucky goal is for the opponent, I think whether not it was Oshikire in feeling", is a strong feeling It was claimed to have led to the goal.

Miyama is the moment you decide to PK, was committed joy and ran teammates toward the bench. For the scene "and to is the power of the team, because it takes much also voice from the bench, and I think that it hang in team work together. Tournament, because quite such opportunity was small, I think that it was good." We are back with.

And towards the finals "I then you think the stronger of the feeling, because it is take them a gold medal at the Olympics, you want and think you do with the feeling that the World Cup is not passed", told powerfully towards the consecutive title.

Finals held on the 5th, Nadeshiko Japan and the United States women's national is to play against.

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