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Jul 2, 2015

Founder director analysis "Nadeshiko of" to give up not mind "is begat dramatic OG"

"Do not put away Nadeshiko Japan of the final point in the" luck ". Opponent own goal of that second half Adi tional time is the goal that gave birth [heart that does not give up] of Nadeshiko unique"

Speak do this, but Ryohei Suzuki primary Nadeshiko Japan full-time director (German Football Association official S-class license holder).

First half of Nadeshiko VS England representative of Canada W Cup semi-finals (Japan time the 2nd 8:00 start) became the deployment compete for points with PK each other. MF Sakaguchi Long feed at their own in the first half 33 minutes. Right SB Ariyoshi is brought down in the penalty area right corner, and the acquired PK MF Miyama has decided to bang in the goals lower left.

However, it conceded a PK to England from the flow of the opponent CK in 40 minutes. It folded the first half at 1-1.

Japan from the late 15 minutes past, while defensive been struck the decisive shot, such as crossbar hit in quick succession in England. The second half 45 minutes has elapsed, Adi tional time is 3 minutes. drama was waiting where two minutes have elapsed.

CB Kumagai sends a middle path to MF Kawasumi of the right side from their own half. FW Taigi seen Gekiso towards the opponent goal. Kawasumi in the Taigi seen aiming at is tossed the early cross. When the front of the CB Basset is extend the right foot as you try to clear, the ball hit the crossbar, it was directly drawn into the goal. It is the remaining one minute of dramatic own goal.

"Nadeshiko us this day heavy foot fatigue accumulates, Pasumisu there were many from the beginning. However, Kumagai and even in the time zone of the last minute in fatigue, Kawasumi, Taigi seen as possible running at full power until" the end of the game It has a strong feeling that ", while Furishibori the last of force was play. Nadeshiko is [not give up heart] proud in the world, he attracted the own goal of the opponent CB. It is by no means lucky punch" (Suzuki = supra)

The United States and the '11 Germany W Cup, face to face in '12 London Olympics finals, scoreline's even of one win and one loss. Whereabouts of the third time of the decisive battle? Large best's 8:00 kick-off the 6th morning -.

▽ Miyama comments "of the whole team force. Since the United States was take them a gold medal at the Olympics, going you do not pass the W Cup"

▽ Kawasumi comments "(cross leads to the OG) is visible the opponent's side back is down, you want to try and I thought. Order also wins raise in a good place."

▽ in the comments, "everyone cheer of Norio director Sasaki, the goal we have received a boost. Overlap fatigue of the players than I thought, but the quality of the person of play was not good enough, feeling that to win led to the goal. unexpectedly England of movement was good. Final (final) without fear of mistake, I want to tell the energy to Japan enjoying the football. "

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