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Jul 2, 2015

In rolling out "Terminator: Genesis." Review of "Vesti"

Passable physical form Arnie, his self-irony and a $ 170 million budget is stretched to the level of picture watchable, though mediocre thriller
Today in rolling out a fifth of the sci-fi thriller "Terminator: Genesis" with "iron" Arnold Schwarzenegger, who knocked 67. The actor returned to the image, which 30 years ago made him a superstar.
2029. War of people and vehicles almost won. Savior of mankind, John Connor is already the leader finishes robots - computer intelligence Skynet. But just before the destruction of Skynet can not send to the past semiliquid robot T-3000 that, as usual, to kill John's mother - Sara. Connor sent in 1984 second of his assistant - Kyle Reese to protect her that. But in the past, Kyle meets not frightened the waitress, and advanced combat lass that a child brought up in spartan surroundings ... Robot T-800 - the hero Schwartz unknown how he got in 1970. Heroes are so many whitefish in the past and back, which will face the same in an earlier age. It's confusing the order of the viewer.
Kyle Reese, as it turns out, the future father had not yet conceived of John Connor. Hardly friends Sarah and Kyle have to produce a leader of humanity, to have sex. Their every time leads to confusion Terminator question: "You have not mated?" Caustic remarks on Kyle relatively shabby T-800, he says: "Old, but not rusty."
Directed by Taylor saturated the painting Voyage in time, special effects, but essentially there was only one new plot device: Skynet Connor was able to handle a savior, turning it into a human-machine. Now John has become the enemy of their own parents, who are trying to prevent loading "Genesis" - a program that connects everything to everything, then - what has become a modern network, and that - and what grew Skynet. In the film, Kyle Reese to a conflict a la Taras Bulba, "I gave birth to you, I'll kill you." Half of the parents save picture son, half - seek his kill.
When the "Genesis" begins shipping its viewers twists, whenever there is Arnold-T-800 and shows a caricature smile - referring to the grim Soviet Captain Ivan Danko from the "Red Heat" (1988). The irony and grimace hero Arnold chaotic rescue tape. When the heroes walked past production plant cyborgs, he said: "I worked there in the past, but I was cut." In general, if a film and this takes - it's a charge of humor and nostalgia.

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