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Jul 2, 2015

Josef de Souza Analysis

It is to finish the transfer of Fenerbahce Josef De Souza, the Brazilian league closely followed Contemporary Joy wrote.

futbolar until Analysis - Fenerbahce unexpected move, the Sao Paulo midfielder, Josef De Souza to transfer. The name of the players had never been discussed before in the local and foreign press. for 8 million euros which will remain free agent in the contract, Fenerbahce began direct talks with the player by committing to pay this fee. Coach Vitor Pereira's former students from Puerto De Souza, so it was removed from Sao Paulo last night's match, Atletico PR team. I watched it over De Souza for I have followed very closely the Brazilian league. Both attack, a player with quality and defense aspects. A good ball breaker. From time to time come out to attack with the team, goals can sometimes surprise horse. The most important benefit is that stable. Each time he was able to catch a certain level. I have to note here that, De Souza great talent, not the level of stars will make a difference on the team. As such, you would pay a figure of 8 million euros How true this discussion. Because these cases, it always comes to mind the idea of money has taken a better name. The most important issue we can not currently predict Vitor Pereira de Souza thinks how to use an assignment. Looking at the overall Mehmet Topal, because we are talking about a name with properties largely overlap. I think any sane coach, instead of Mehmet Topal disliked do not pursue a transfer of € 8 million. We have a player that much money on a pair of front liberol perhaps head spent by whether the system will be the backup. To summarize, De Souza and I like that I believe would be useful to a player. I think right now it paid little more than figures. Puerto period that it has a good Pereira knows that, I think. Contemporary Joy Josef de Souza's career began in Vasco da Gama soccer Josef de Souza, was transferred to Porto in the 2010-2011 season. Here two years left midfielder, he worked with the current Season 2 Fenerbahce at the beginning of Vitor Pereira. Followed by club Gremio on loan. After 2 seasons he played at Gremio made ​​the transfer taking a portion of the Sao Paulo player's testimonial. In his career total of 193 appearances De Souza scored a total of 10 goals, he had never seen a red card. By managers in 2013 suggested Bursaspor news that had taken place in the press. The name was commemorated earlier this season with Atletico Madrid.

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