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Jul 2, 2015


In the coming weeks, the studios and multiplex cinemas offering a cool alternative to trying to entice the kánikulából people, so do not look for weighty films on offer.

Terminator: Genisys

We will love James Cameron said, critics say not so, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger in relation to the redemption of a sh * r, so flying in the difficult judgments: in a few days we also want to return to old photographs of the Terminator serine, or really should have been left to come a day of judgment for the franchise.

Look at two exclusive details from the movie!

Domestic release date: July 2
Format: 2D, 3D sync, IMAX 3D, 2D subtitles

Petits fours

Some smaller countries have demonstrated that cells use for the first advance since: Grutól rid of petits fours will dominate the summer. The Gru takes place in front of three -filmek cartoon Minyon trying to master a new look for you, and elszegődnek Túlölőhöz Scarlett, who was the original version sounds to Sandra Bullock. But all the same, because bananaaa!

Check out the latest trailer for the film !

Domestic release date: July 9
Format: 2D, 3D sync

Ted second

The American critics did not like it too much, and for that matter, the audience either, but what kind of proof with open arms and accept the villámtesók (Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane) return who are lazy, heart and long forgotten filmkatasztrófákért adore. So, business as usual, except that Mila Kunis Amanda Seyfriedre replaced. Trouble?

Domestic release date: July 16
Format: 2D synchronous and subtitles

The Ants

Based on initial feedback on what we know of Hangyáról (do not worry, no spoilers): a film Ocean's Eleven movie-like rablós; the last third is totally crazy, funny and Paul Rudd looks good, under the captions will be two additional scenes, both mustsee * *. Oh, and maybe you hear the Pókemberről perform well.

Check out the movie first and second exclusive trailer!

Domestic release date: July 23
Format: 2D, 3D sync, IMAX 3D, 4DX, 2D subtitles


Adam Sandler ... wait, where did they go? So Adam Sandler found himself facing an alien invasion, which comes in the form of a classic 80's arcade machines figures Donkey Kong, Pac-Mant, Centipede was and the others have to beat. And why Adam Sandler confronting them? Because fingertips are these games. Yes, this is such a serious film.

Check out the movie poster exclusive Hungarian !

Domestic release date: July 30
Format: 2D, 3D sync

Other notable films in July:

Magic Mike XXL (July 2) : Channing Tatum showing off his back.

Gallows (July 9) : Gee, I still found made-up horror food, and sometimes one or two can get to home theaters.

Amy - The Amy Winehouse Story (July 9) : departed singer - - Before the announced action Sziget is said o good time before the docs.

Taxi Teheran (July 16) : Golden Bear-winning sketch a Tehran taxi back seat, precisely where the seats in the érdekesebbnél interesting people.

Delirium (July 23) : Ben Kingsley beside or within the body of Ryan Reynolds finds himself in Tarsem Singh's new sci-fi / thriller.

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