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Jul 2, 2015


"The government katefere within months a tragic isolation of Greece. We lost friends ...
traditionally stood by our side, "said Konstantinos Mitsotakis, just before the referendum next Sunday, which will determine the future of Greece. Europe is the area of settlements and compromises, underlined the former prime minister and honorary president of New Democracy , noting that the deadlock of the negotiations "have lost the confidence of Europeans in the foreign and domestic policy, between us. A Member must not create trust. " With regard to whether the relationship between Greece and the Europeans can be healed, Mr. Mitsotakis, in an interview with Sky assured that this can happen "over time", for to fill that "provocative behavior of Greece from this government was not to our advantage." Today, however, "we can find a solution if we address Europe honestly. The problem in Greece is the honesty with the people. " He wanted to be sincere towards the Greeks today, he argued that "the truth is that we lived many years beyond our forces and now have to live with our income. Plus, budgets must be balanced. We can not live better, but with the money we have, at the same time paying the loan, "said honorary president of ND, stressing:" Whatever government though is in power, the Greek will live with the money they have. " The Greece needs the financial help of Europe, "owe a lot of money, we the borrowed, the Greek people as a whole. Can not alike all, but it is true that Greece has lived for many years over its forces, "he said with evident sincerity Mr. Mitsotakis, explaining that when the standard of living of Greeks suffered a decrease of 25%, was culpable incorrect five years of political crisis. "Blame the foreigners, but we blame. When you lower the standard of living, have duty to deal fairly, while addressing and corruption. It is certain that the responsibilities are not distributed properly 'dieteine ​​former prime minister. Today there is a solution, according to Mr. Mitsotakis, and this is none other than "to make sure that Greece will stay in Europe. It's powerful lobby of the drachma in Europe, but also in Greece, we must resist. " Moreover, according to him, the referendum was a "tragic mistake. The Greeks must vote "yes" in favor of Europe and in favor of the euro. If it does, it serves those who want Greece out of the euro. " He confirmed that prefers a referendum, because today "no one can have confidence in them traded. Moreover, if the referendum is not done, you will always remain hovering whether the Greeks do not want Europe '. According to the former prime minister, political parties today spend time "decadence policy 'and that as a fact creates impairment as noted. About the issue for most people today, the exposure of banks from next Monday, Mr. Mitsotakis was categorical: "It is difficult to open banks. To open must have money and money gives Europe. Mandatory and will quickly go to the drachma. " He did not hesitate to recall: "I was screaming all these years not yperdaneizetai the Greek people. Now I appeal to the Greeks to vote "yes". " The referendum, as did Mr. Mitsotakis, "it is unconstitutional, but has enormous political weight. A "yes" will be a sweet gesture to Europe, will be a stable political position ".

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