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Jul 2, 2015

Luksic said Compagnon apologized for linking credit Bachelet appointment

The vice president of Banco de Chile testified before the prosecution on May 15, under the case Caval. Andronico Luksic refused to request the presence of Dávalos and Natalia Compagnon protested to relate to company President.
On Sunday May 28 the deadline passed the secret to businessman Andronico Luksic statement under the case Caval.El vice president of Banco de Chile, the entity that approved the loan of $ 6,500 million for signature by Natalia Compagnon, daughter of President Michelle Bachelet and Mauruicio Valero, testified as a witness on May 15 before tax Sergio Moya and O'Higgins regional prosecutor, Luis Toledo. Third he granted his court testimony and textual here transribe what Luksic told investigators in the case.

"I serve in banking for over 20 years and currently as first vice president of Banco de Chile. Among my role consists of fairly open and perform various tasks, such as receiving foreign banks, correspondents when I ask the international area, meet with different people, customers and potential customers, with executives from different areas of the bank unions and bank Total twelve thousand employees. No integral no committee in the bank. We have two sessions directory through, as I travel quite outside Chile I do not attend all sessions. I have other obligations as Quiñenco and subsidiaries of Quiñenco ".

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