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Jul 2, 2015

Many Alutsista Elderly, Commission I value the military budget Far From Ideal

The main tools of weapons systems or military defense equipment is highlighted. Alutsista various dimensions of military units are old and senile. Spotlight emerged after the incident Hercules C-130 crashed in Medan, North Sumatra.

Commission I recognize the number of the military budget is still very far from ideal. Deputy Chairman of Commission I Tantowi Yahya said, the amount of the minimum budget for Homeland Security reached Rp300 trillion. Is still very far from the current military budget.

"In 2009 our military budget was only Rp33 trillion. This year Rp102 trillion. That is still far from ideal," said Tantowi at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (02/07/2015).

Rp300 trillion figure is still the minimum budget required by Indonesian soldiers. If you count the number of ideal budget takes around Rp600 trillion.

"The problem is our limited budget room. None of our budget soared 300 percent," said Tantowi.

This was echoed by a member of Commission I of TB Hasanuddin. Retired Lt. Gen. of this PDIP assess the military budget is far from sufficient numbers.

"This year's budget of the Ministry of Rp97 trillion, plus a number of changes in the state budget of Rp 5 trillion. Happens to Rp102 trillion. That's just 77.7 percent of the military budget. And it is divided by four, Headquarters Army, Air Force, Navy, Army," he said.

Previous TNI Commander General Moeldoko admitted if defense equipment, in particular means of transport such as air, is quite old. However, because of regular maintenance, the military considers these tools are still fit for use.

"The strength of Hercules output of the 60s it was used from the 64. Second, Hercules forces there are about 78 in number 12. Then, the output 80s there were about 6. So, indeed our defense equipment, especially transport equipment is quite old," explains Moeldoko in Living Room TNI Commander, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Thursday (07/02/2015).

Nevertheless, Moeldoko appreciate the performance of soldiers who managed to take care of old planes to still worth taking.

"But the kids worked wonderfully for Hercules-Hercules polish it. In fact, from a matter of care, still airworthy," he said.

C-130 Hercules aircraft crashed in Jalan Air Force Lt. Jamin Ginting, Padang Bulan, Medan, North Sumatra, Tuesday, June 30, 2015, at 11:48 pm. The plane crashed two minutes after takeoff from Soewondo Air Force Base, Medan.

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