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Jul 3, 2015

Mass 7th day of Cristiano Araújo attracts 8000 and end on show sertanejo

Celebrated on Wednesday (1st) in Goiânia, the mass of seventh day the singer Cristiano Araújo and his girlfriend Allana took more than 8,000 people to the parking lot of the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, which was frequented by the singer. On site, was assembled in a fenced screens stage where sang many famous names in country music.

The Mass, celebrated by Father Marcos Rogerio, who was a friend of Araujo, he started around 19:30 and ended just before 22:30. Backcountry fans completely filled the parking lot of the parish --which has a capacity of 8,000 people--, and there were still people outside.

Family and friends of the singer accompanied the ceremony in a separate area, with 400 seats. The governor of Goias Marconi Perillo and First Lady Valerie were present, alongside Araújo's father, John Reis, the stepmother Rosa Mirian and children of the singer. The Araujo's mother was not present.

Shortly before 21h, the priest's sermon gave way to honors, with a presentation of the band and backing vocals that accompanied Cristiano Araújo, playing religious music. Then climbed the stage Araujo's brother, Felipe. Along with the presenter Rodrigo Faro, the Record, he sang "Fathers and Sons" by Keith Urban . According to Felipe, who dedicated the song to his father, this was one of the songs that his brother liked to sing.

I sang even the Vanucci producer and sertanejos Gabriel Gava and Marrone, the duo Bruno & Marrone . "I have only good memories of that guy who was well liked, a very humble person. I am very happy to see that crowd. If this crowd is here is because he was a very dear person even. God bless Cristiano where he is" said Marrone, before interpreting "Cê you know," Cristiano Araújo, accompanied by Gava, Thiago Brava and Rodolfo, the duo Maria Cecilia & Rodolfo .

For a live video displayed on a screen, the singer Jorge, the double Jorge & Matheus , who is in the United States, participated in tributes to colleague sending a message. The evening also featured a presentation of Israel Novaes , who sang "More than a diamond."

Shortly after the presentation of Novaes, the priest called to the stage Araújo's father and the parents of Allana. Very moved, João Reis thanked the messages of support to families after the death of the couple. "I wanted to thank all the people who prayed so much for him and for us. To all the friends who are welcoming us so in a way we could not imagine. We had no idea he had so many friends. I want to thank all you made for him. Today he's here, "said Araújo's father.

The father of Allana, Frank Moraes, in turn, asked for more prayers to the public. "I ask that you continue to pray for me, for Mirian [Moraes, mother of Allana], for your John for Tales, my other son who was [a victim of leukemia four years ago]. And thank you, Mr. Jones , for putting his son in the world, which my daughter loved so much. "

Thereafter, all musicians and friends of Araujo who were present gathered on stage and sang several songs, including "Treacherous Nights", the priest Marcelo Rossi , which was closed by the own Cristiano Araújo, in a video on the big screen behind the stage --momento where the entire audience shook their cell phones aloft, with its lights on, at the request of the priest. "I will miss his joy," said Ana Cristina Araújo , singer's sister.

Cristiano had just done a show in the city of Itumbiara (200 km from Goiânia), at dawn on June 24, when the vehicle that was flipped around 3 in Transbrasiliana highway (BR-153), at kilometer 613, between the towns of Goiatuba and Morrinhos.

The frontiersman came to be taken seriously, with internal bleeding, to the Municipal Hospital of the city of Morrinhos. From there it was transferred by helicopter, but came to Hugo (Emergency Hospital of Goiânia) already died.
Known for hits like "Bad Bits", "Cê Who Knows" and "Today I Tô Terrible" Cristiano Araújo was at side Gusttavo Lima, Lucas Lucco and Luan Santana, one of the revelations of this decade backcountry and was known to include the pace of arrocha in their music.

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