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Jul 3, 2015

Matthias surprise Defederico Cinthia Fernandez ShowMatch

[Love] The player traveled to Turkey, where he will perform in a new club, and she was to continue competing in the Dancing. And if you are going to miss ...

Cinthia Fernandez was moved to tears into tears ShowMatch when Matias Defederico gave him a sweet farewell video before traveling to Turkey to join a new team.

The dancer was in Argentina to continue competing in the Dancing, a difficult decision but, they say, is the best for both races.

"I made a promise to him but also have three girls ... I have to do my job. I said goodbye to my house, half an hour before coming here," said Fernandez. Then Marcelo Tinelli presented the surprise: a video demonstrating their love Defederico.

"You're probably to dance. You know what I'm going to miss, what we love and how nice it had this week. Do not get before, win, work hard every day for that. I will miss him dearly, I love you "said the footballer.

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