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Jul 3, 2015

Nathalie Pechalat speaker: Jean Dujardin already father after his divorce from Alexandra Lamy?

According to the magazine Paris Match, comédienJean Dujardin and the former skater Nathalie Pechalat will soon be parents of a little baby. Pregnancy is already visible. The couple has formalized its relationship there a few days in an official release.

[Updated July 2, 2015 at 9:32] Nathalie Pechalat is having a baby and Jean Dujardin will soon be a proud father. Six months almost to the day after his divorce with Alexandra Lamy , delivered 25 December 2014 (nice Christmas present ...), Paris Match tells us that John Dujardin goes back to mother in a few months. If he has not had a child with that embodied "Loulou" on television with him, the actor should live a happy event with Nathalie Pechalat in the coming months. The former figure skater and star of Dancing with the Stars is indeed pregnant. This would be the first child of sports of 31 years and at 43, the third child for the coffee lover actor. Jean Dujardin already has two son aged 14 and 15, and Jules Simon, from de'un first marriage.

The Oscar-winning actor and athlete have been together for about two years and have been for months of special attention of the tabloids. The participation of Nathalie Pechalat the show Dancing with the Stars TF1 had also increased the pressure to winter 2013-2014. Just as a journey of Jean Dujardin in Japan in March 2014, to support Nathalie Pechalat during a figure skating competition. Jean Dujardin and Nathalie Pechalat eventually formalize their relationship there is little, in two stages.

They were first shown together in Roland Garros bleachers, where they are left distract the game and ball exchanges by languorous kisses to other time (photo). The couple then attended the opening of a cinema in Lesparre, Gironde, home to the parents of Jean Dujardin. And the actor could hardly miss the call since it is his name that will place of projection. A good opportunity to present his new girlfriend to his family? Why not announce their good news?

In any case the visit, described as "very relaxed", which put the chip in the ear of Paris Match. The front page of the weekly is dedicated to the couple this week, barred the title "Soon a baby." Nathalie Pechalat barely hiding on this occasion a slightly rounded belly. A sign that does not deceive. Jean Dujardin, he displayed the great days of mine. Glad, it seems, honor that made him the people of Lesparre, but can be also for another reason.

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