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Jul 2, 2015

Ourense experienced the warmest month of June since 2006

The sweltering heat left when touched turn the page on the calendar. Ourense experienced the hottest June since 2006 and many look to heaven for thermometers not return to skyrocket. No less than 40.7 degrees Celsius reached on the concello registering Arnoia Monday in the city and the mercury reached 40.1. Although yesterday the rain made its appearance and was a sudden drop in temperature, some ourensanos also grabbed the umbrella throughout the month to protect against sunlight. Alerts have been disabled but temperatures will rise again over the week.

One must go back nearly a decade to remember a similar situation. According Meteogalicia service, the temperature of the month of June reached 21.4 degrees in the city, while in 2006 it was surpassed only by two hundredths. Also they reached three years ago brush 40 degrees at peak times, although not promoted as much as thermometers this year. Rainfall not watered yesterday rebates to Ourense, but gave them a break, and that over the past month were recorded only two days of rain. As for the minimum, and although the mornings were not too hot, the temperature did not fall in any case 10 degrees.

The explanation
The experts are clear, for temperatures to soar and reach extreme values ​​achieved in Ourense must converge different factors, the main presence of an anticyclone in the north of the peninsula gets closer warm air. When the skies remain clear for some time and these conditions are mercury soars, especially taking into account that at the end of June is the summer solstice and is easier than the temperatures rise. The province produced the perfect combination that caused a June record as far as heat is concerned.

Ourense will remain paid at 30 degrees in the coming days and is expected to peak this figure no reduction at least until Thursday. As indicated from Meteogalicia, temperatures will be normal for this time of year, with minimum and maximum moderate decline in moderate climb, although oscillate.

21.4 degrees


This was the average temperature of the month in the city.

2 days


Rainfall occurred only two days.

40.7 degrees


In Arnoia rub reached 41 degrees on Monday.

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