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Jul 3, 2015

Pans that divide the country: the problem behind manifestation of "Teflon"

By Team Cambio21 The demonstration marked as "VIP" Internet and the country divided. But beyond ridicule and suspicion, there is an underlying theme to be emphasized. Experts point out that this is a product of government inaction problem.

A peculiar manifestation of these rarely seen, was developed in the eastern sector of the capital. Cacerolazo neighborhoods of Providencia, Las Condes and La Reina which had the mission to call the government to take action in the fight against crime. According to its leaders, it is only the first of many other interventions before the spate of assaults.

But most attention, dividing ended. In the end the marking as cacerolazo VIP (Very Important Person,) or ABC1 movement ridiculed. This is because such an event became popular during the Popular Unity and then the protests against the military dictatorship. Those who had no food protested banging empty pots. That is the annoying to the protesters for the first three quintiles of the capital.

The network talks

Social networks were divided before the manifestation of the sector and did not hesitate to express their views. Even the characters from the TV stations of the debate were:

The vip cacerolazo, speaks loud and clear of indifference to the problems of the majority. If it affects me protest! Da shame.

(Metal) drums Mapuche #VitacuraLand

Av.LaDehesa to 21hrs. Shortly #cacerolazo , a pair of speakers and a motorcycle touching public safety siren ..

#Cacerolazo crime, tax evasion, collusion, abuse of power, femicide, child abuse, unjust debt

It notes that the event was highlighted by the government for its peaceful nature, both the Mayor Claudio Orrego, as the ministers of Justice and Interior Javiera Blanco, Jorge Burgos, demonstrated in that position.

Protest colorless

The issue of security is and will remain one of the weaknesses of all administrations. The same government had already noticed a slight increase in crimes of social connotation in the Metropolitan Region. Still, the citizen is contrary sense and no doubt manifest. Nearby movement warned that this is only the first of many more that will occur.

One of his supporters, the security expert, Captain (R) of Carabineros Jorge Valdes, said that Wednesday night is the result of inefficient security policy, not only this, but all governments.

About ridicule that arose against the motion, Valdes told Cambio21 that "can come from sectors that have had an unfortunate resentment to the upper class", also emphasized that the demonstration did not take place as a political tool, because " Security has no political color. "

"We must be clear that this is the result of governments that gave facilities to the crime through populist systems to get votes. In the same way, let the crime unpunished. So it is not political is transverse. We are not judging the current government by crime, but a stripe of a total of situations of previous governments, left and right. "

"The eastern sector also has its crime crisis, but I worry more for the public outcry in outlying areas. There are many robberies, assaults and rapes that are not known to the press. That's the most important point to consider future in short Agenda, to support the Chileans, "he said.

Social insecurity

From the public safety committee, the Socialist deputy Leonardo Soto, he was against the taunts about such an event, recalling that all have that kind of law, "as it is by peaceful means".

Still, the deputy said that "on crime in the country inequality manifests. The paradox that the worst hit sectors are on the periphery, in popular sectors is given. There are manifested with the larger phenomenon of rise crime. However, those with more power coming to the public and to control or provide tools to police, live in the so-called upper quarter ".

"We could see the weekend to over 500 additional police, Special Forces, serving the concern of a small group of uptown. The inequality is expressed sharp way," he said.

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