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Jul 2, 2015

PARAGUAY: Scrap the junkyard

PARAGUAY: Scrap the junkyard / Abc / Recently the MOPC signed with Brassur, a company dedicated to the recycling of all metals, which will reduce the groups that carriers delivered as part of the agreement signed with the government, as confirmed ABC Color Agustin Encina, Deputy Minister of Transport.

He explained that the company will arrange to recycle iron, plastic and glass from each group and the MOPC will receive a reduced amount for each bus, which depend on type of unit tasting.

He said that currently there are about 52 buses in the scrap yard waiting to go through the junkyard. "Collective are delivered by it as these companies are asking for authorization for the circulation of the new units," he said.

Encina said that some people have come showing interest groups currently deposited in the yard, apparently intending to put them back into circulation, but this possibility is completely impossible, since the decree signed by the president in August last year clearly establishes that They must be destroyed as part of the renewal process of the public transport system.

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