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Jul 2, 2015

Patoulis: The proclamation of Tsipras made us more anxious for the future

Mr. Patoulis stressed that the Prime Minister confessed indirectly that the referendum is not an instrument to facilitate the national effort, but simply serves partisan considerations

Fierce criticism brought by the president of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE), Mr. George Patoulis at Alexis Tsipras person, on the occasion of yesterday's announcement by the Prime Minister.

"Mr. Prime Minister the new proclamation addressed to the Greek people confirmed Sunday that people will go to the polls to vote yes or no to a text which no longer applies and for which the Greek Government has already submitted its counterproposals of "said the head of the Public Revenue Collection Code. Mr. Patoulis also stressed that "Mr. Prime Minister confesses thereby indirectly that the referendum is not an act that facilitates national effort, but simply serves partisan considerations." According to chief KEDE, the Greek Prime Minister in his address failed to refer to the following critical issues: • When you open the banks and citizens will have free access to the sum of wages and their pensions, all their deposits without being forced to jostling in queues shame in front of the ATM. • When you restore the smooth functioning of the banking system in order to serve the market and businesses? • What steps will restore normalcy image in the country and the market in order not to lose irrevocably the tourist season? • How guarantees the deposits of citizens in Greek banks, when he knows very well that today the country is bankrupt and deposits of banks are not sufficient to cover the loans granted by the European Central Bank. • Why insist on a referendum on a challenge that no longer applies, as he confessed. "These questions are not the Prime Minister replied. That makes us more anxious about the future. But these questions will provide answers to the vote to citizens. On July 5 the citizens should vote yes in our country's stay in Europe, yes to the euro, yes to security and stability, yes to unity of all our people, "the statement concludes.

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