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Jul 2, 2015

Sylvia Geersen responds to allegations that she's too thin

It remains a perennial debate. Models that are too thin. Now let even the followers of Sylvia Geersen negatively about her slender figure, writes Show. Sylvia reacts strongly to the accusations and makes it plain that there is nothing to worry about.

At Sylvia's Instagram are several pictures to show her toned body. But her fans via Twitter and Instagram let Sylvia know that now too thinly and worry. Her fans are additional worries because her relationship with British model since Thomas Usher is brief.

On Twitter, she posted the following message on all the commotion surrounding her figure: "I wanted to say something to the young girls ... I'm very healthy and I exercise a lot. I refuse, because I train for a job that is coming. If you do not eat, you do not look like this ... "

Fortunately, the model also gets a lot of support from her fans. Responses are placed so as: "Be proud of yourself, you're beautiful" and "You're so beautiful in shape, you go girl . " We also find that they are beautiful in shape is!

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