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Jul 3, 2015

The failure and fire truck fire destroys car in Jaboticabal, SP

Fire was lost' complains merchant who had burned vehicle. Corporation explained that the car was dead by electrical problems.

The action of firefighters in combating the flames in a car became the target of harsh criticism from a resident in  Jaboticabal  (SP). According to the merchant Luciano Sisto, the team took over 20 minutes to reach the scene in 10 blocks of the corporation's base, and the corporation's truck malfunctioned and had to send another vehicle to help.
The delay left the wrecked car. "If it were an overturned car with someone trapped in the wreckage, he had died burned. Because there's no way take half an hour, "said Sisto, vehicle owner.
By phone, the acting commander of the 9th Grouping of Fire, Major Luiz Henrique Nomellini, said the first car that took the call was dead by problems in the electrical part and the second long in coming because it was in another demand.
According Nomellini, an internal procedure will investigate the case.
Locksmith Henrique Miranda, who was driving the car, said that the incident happened on Tuesday afternoon (30), when he returned home with the head of the company vehicle. He passed Avenida Carlos Berchieri when the car stopped and smoke started coming out underneath the hood.
"It was to smoke all over the place and then started the fire. He a boy who was passing by stopped and called the fire department. We even threw two fire extinguishers and did not erase anything, "he recalls.
Miranda warned Sisto, owner of the vehicle, and a person passing by the place called the fire department.
According to the dealer, the first car of firemen took about 20 minutes to get - the corporation's base is 10 blocks. Not satisfied with the delay, he went on to record the vehicle on fire and recorded the moment when one of the trucks arrived.
"The fireman was lost. Climbed into the truck, fell, and had nothing equipment. Then he took a hose, took another. It took about eight minutes to figure out that he needed to start the truck to drive the water pump, "he says.
The second car of firefighters arrived shortly after and only then the flames began to be fought. Also according to the trader, with a delay, the fire consumed the entire front of the vehicle, resulting in the total loss - the car had no insurance. "If they were more specialized, the car would not have burned. Lack training to do the job, "he complains.

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