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Jul 2, 2015

Tsuyoshi SMAP Kusanagi, appeared in crutches figure "a little sore"

press SMAP Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of, appeared on the program with crutches figure.

Fuji TV specials that have been broadcast live on the 1st "pike Decca!? TV" and appeared with SMAP Member (7:00 to 11:33 due). On this day, in order to bless the pike Akashiya, which celebrated its 60-year-old birthday, it has been rushed to bring a bouquet of flowers, Kusanagi appeared in painfully crutches figure.

◆ "sober sprain" confession with a wry smile

Reply when asked "We did copper foot?" From pike to be "pike-san, I think that the Na dont unless brought one gag softening because 60-year-old." Pike is "what kind of thing (laughs) !?" that was puzzled to lie or truth or I do not know Comments of Kusanagi and the thrust, and "is a sprain. Ordinary is sprain" confessed with a wry smile.

Goro Inagaki has also said, "we also'm surprised", as members who also did not know until just before. The state of the sandals were bandaged right ankle, pike is also worried that "more gypsum Toka My be okay without?" "I is array of do Dattara Toka fracture, like a little sore in the sober sprain ..." and it had revealed the status quo

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