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Jul 2, 2015


episode 12 of the Challenge program broadcast dark comedy 1/7, Nguyen Dinh Van couples and Tuan bring laughter to the jury Vietnam Huong, Tran Thanh.

First round, Dinh Van and Anh Tuan plays Dwarf and Đẹt burglary, theft of 100 million determined by Tran Thanh within 1 minute. Both Tran Thanh 2 did laugh when the second timer 47 minutes and qualify 1 easily. Male judges said his smile partly to encourage the spirit of two young students, but did remind this repertoire stop at lovely level rather than fun.

As for Vietnam Huong, she also sent a message of couples contest on body parts not reached, no signature lines. Decided to continue entering the second round, sometimes you change tactics to "humiliate" Vietnam Huong on stage through the processing singing: "Heard Vietnam Huong so high, however, as well as standing and sitting alone. Vietnam Huong sit and stand, which stood as baits baits sit . "Incidentally been criticized dwarf, Vietnamese Huong MEU laughingly:" Sugar in my eating or why not? Anyone "humiliated" I was both studio applause " .
Sometimes you Dinh Van Anh Tuan and posing as thieves took 100 million of Zhenjiang City

However, Vietnam Huong not only angry but instead is expressing love. She promised to memorize and sing for people to hear every time someone "humiliated" him. Now, teams can play in the hands of 10 million prize. Won sympathy and affection of the judges, and Anh Tuan Dinh Van decided to continue entering the third round.

In round 2, Thien continue to develop their ability to pitch with selling bread rolls like Vietnam Huong. Just spoke: "Who distilled, spring, tet, hemp hip ... na" . Again, Thien Tran Thanh has done laughing. He spent Ad praise Thien Huong like every word of Vietnam but with a completely different expression and "roll cage with more attitude." Step into round 3, he expressed confidence his repertoire. No speech, he uses body movements to demonstrate the ability to describe a "stepping on a land mine."

Again, Thien wins easily, Confident go forward, casting further Thien skits about bike guy "mine" the unfinished in the previous round. However, this time he did not succeed because bogged down in old situations. Losing big prize, but not out of white Thien hand when Tran Thanh donated 2 million. Comedian expressed hope one day will be met Thien colleagues on stage.

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