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Jul 2, 2015

Vino G. Bastian: Menu Not Important, Important Mutual

Vino G. Bastian and Marsha Timothy
According Vino G. Bastian, sit down with family for suhoor and iftar is a pleasure that can not be bought by anything.
 Jakarta Although Marsha Timothy  not an expert in cooking, and can merely make fruit ice, but it was enough to please her husband, Vino G. Bastian. Met at the Launching Titan Watch, Vino G Bastian  said that his wife's homemade fruit ice is the most delicious.

"The most recent husband buatin limited for fruit ice," said Marsha Timothy, "Let iced fruit but already tasty bangett," said Vino G. Found in Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (30/06/2015).

Vino G. Bastian and Marsha Timothy
Although not prepared dishes breaking the fast, but the wife's attention more than enough for Vino G. Bastian. In fact, was so much show his love to the husband, Marsha accompany Vino looking for his favorite food made of glutinous rice and rolled using a piece of banana leaf for fasting.

"Although she did not cook but she (Marsha) always ask, today will iftar anything. Sometimes, not all day out, fitting out just for my openings nyari, until yesterday chasing Mayestik tuh-chasing to make iftar meal for search lemang, "said Vino G. Bastian.

Vino G. Bastian and Marsha Timothy
But most importantly, not a matter of food into the beauty of this pair running fast. But for Vino G. Bastian, to sit with the family for suhoor and iftar is a pleasure that can not buy anything.

"The menu is not important, the important thing togetherness, open at Marsha Timothy  same child. But sitting at the dining table pleasant, moreover there are also the parents happy, "said Vino G. Bastian .

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