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Jul 2, 2015

Week sweetness

The week of sweetness, as every celebration or special date, has its history, it is held from 1 to 7 July and during these days should give sweets to receive a kiss in return. The amount of goodies that deliver fixed the amount of kisses we receive; this event emerges in 1989 on the initiative of the company popularly known as Arcor. It was associated with ADGyA (dealer association goodies) to implement a marketing strategy to maximize profits. The campaign was developed with a slogan that held 'a treat for a kiss ", such was the success that this week of the year, sales of the same rose 20%. Among the most widely traded sweets were the "sweet rush", the "Bon o bon" (best-selling candy that year), chocolate "Milka" appetizers "Cabsha" and alfajores all kinds. From then on the week of sweetness was implemented as part of the Argentine culture, it became just as important as the day of the friend, mother, child or parent. Each July 1 we see in candy stores and kiosks posters touting this week and if we ask its owners ensure that their biggest sales occur during this period. But this story is not all just about sweets; it is true that during the week of sweetness what is proposed is to give someone a chocolate, but also asks to have tender gestures towards animals and people around us, and also create enjoyable environments in places of work and study and thus enjoy event fully.

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