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Jul 3, 2015

Wilmar Roldan speaking, the ref supposedly the final and is a fan of Argentina

Speaks Wilmar Roldan, the ref the final and that is supposedly a fan of Argentina / The Counter / The Colombian judge was interviewed to 48 hours of game that will settle the champion of the Copa America and confessed that "we (the referees) not no color shirt. " Share Tweet Share Print E-mail Rectify "For us, no color of shirt, the concentration is to enter the field and straining with all the referees to push through the match," confessed the referee Wilmar Roldan categorical, who directed the final of the America's Cup , to be played this Saturday at the National Stadium (17 hours). The statements were delivered to the site WinSports and Caracol Colombia Radio, just when the controversy broke loose for a course profile Facebook referee in which he issued statements declaring swells and celebrating goals in the Argentina team. "For me it is gratifying that the Conmebol entrusted in this Colombian trio" for now "they are 23 years of arbitration so I'm taking the greatest responsibility that it can, "he added. Regarding the preparation for engagement, the referee signaled that "we must be a bit isolated, be with the family by telephone, stay calm and head out of this thing (the final). Good nutrition and sleep well. " On the subject of his statements in Facebook , with the passing of the hours and at the borders of scandal that became the case, is not excluded that the ANFP decide any action against Roldan, especially because so far the situation has not yet been disproved either by the judge or by the Arbitration Commission of CONMEBOL. With information from The Counter Visit on Twitterentornoi

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