Jul 2, 2015

Strawberry Smell section 3 trailer: Burak surprise kiss!

Strawberry Smell section 3 trailer has been released and the scene was surprised that John kissed roots. Here are the details of the
Strawberry Smell 3 episode trailer was subsequently shared with the audience in the final section. Strawberry Smell the final chapter in John, he wanted to play the role of beloved cousin from Asli but if we look at the fragments of the section that will appear in the July 8 to kiss John Asli in section 3. In fact, I look back and also knows that you were the last remaining man in the world, after also. Let's see how you react to this fact to kiss?


Burak hand in hand and actually fled from the bar in the final part of the series were sheets şarşaf newspaper headlines the next day they learned that many girls ages and Selda. He said again that the next girl to curl John's girlfriend, but this time the volcano had no intention to remain silent ages. Bodrum has decided to go next to John.

Meanwhile Asli and Bud began working at the hotel, but a surprise awaited them. Jobs found Burak against the fact that the full path for shots as well as the boss!

Strawberry Scent of a surprise that kissing part 2 official of the directory you want to watch from the internet on the page you can watch the full episode.
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