Jul 2, 2015

Phayao clarify admissions registered participants. "Mom shakes BIKE FOR MOM".

          Press Office has been informed by the province that the province. According to Phayao It is open to registered participants Cycling Complex. Her Majesty the Queen Queen On the auspicious occasion 83 Years Anniversary August 12, 2558 by the province. Has defined the "Bike King (BIKE FOR MOM)" on Sunday, August 16, 2558 at 15:00. The beginning / end of the Capitol Region. Along the scenic landscapes (Scenic Route) around Kwan Phayao register for the first 1,000 participants will receive a t bike Majesty. Royal memorabilia and badges
          now Phayao province have registered to attend the event the number of 1,112 people (as of July 1, 2558 at 13:20 pm So for those who register to attend the event states from now until July 13, 2558 in the province. It has only been bestowed commemorative badges to track the information. Activities "Cycling Honor Her Majesty the Queen
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